A piece of Murdoch merde – Turning Back The Boats “Impossible”

The News Limited broadsheet, The Australian, has decided to take a look at the issue of refugees. The article Visiting Indonesian ministers have said the Federal Opposition’s boats policy is ‘impossible’ (15 March 2012) makes reference to Julie Bishop.

Julie Bishop recently attempted to allay Indonesian concerns over the policy, telling Ambassador Primo Alui Joelianto that boats would only be turned back “where it is safe to do so”.

The Liberal Nationals tell the Australian public that they will Turn back The Boats, but tell the Indonesians something completely different.

Which is it? Which is the real Tony Abbott? And, Mr Abbott, will your party’s new slogan fit on a protest sign Turn Back The Boats…. where it is safe to do so”

text by: @redglitterx


5 Responses to “A piece of Murdoch merde – Turning Back The Boats “Impossible””

  1. The oft quoted phrase “I’ll turn back the boats” is a lie that Tony Abbott is keen to perpetuate but he knows is a “Mission impossible” for him or any other Aust. Government. This is just another example of an inept politician misleading the Australian public for an attempted political gain.

    • Abbott and his boche demonise anyone who is different, he singles out the “scary” boat people, while completely ignoring the plane people. This is why his agenda is propaganda, a scare campaign, and nothing to do with “border protection”. If Abbott did turn the boats around and confiscate their fuel, he would be setting Australia up for all sorts of international blowback, not the least from Indonesia, but also for committing piracy. And voters buy it, that Abbott is tough on border control. It will be a new Tampa scandal every week. That is not tough, that is torturing people by proxy.
      Penny Carter (@redglitterx) for Turn Left

  2. I’ve noticed this trend before- one Liberal says one thing, one another – so that in fact they have a couple of positions on almost any topic.

    • Tony Abbott himself does that, holds both positions on a subject, very difficult to pin down. Leaves the public believing what they want to believe.
      Penny Carter (@redglitterx) for Turn Left


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