The Light On The Hill Is Fading

written by @redglitterx
The Light On The Hill Is Fading…

Or maybe it just seems that way, because we are turning our backs on the Light on that Hill and are facing the Right.

But the Right is a very cold, dark, and lonely place. There is no place for the weak, the old, the sick, the poor. It is survival of the fittest, it is stepping over our brothers and sisters if we could get another dollar in pocket.

In this country we no longer know our neighbours names, we feel no sense of community, we have no compassion for those who are not as lucky as we are, and never had the opportunities we enjoy.

We have grown distrustful of media, weary of politicians who care more about their jobs than ours, and tired of trying to maintain a lifestyle that has no room for living a life.

As media, politicians, community leaders and public voices and organisations have shifted towards the Right, they have dragged the left and centre with them, so what previously had been centre-ground is now portrayed as left. What was left, is now extremist and disregarded, and what was the Right is perceived as neutral.

The desires and wants of bankers, miners, property developers and billionaires have been transformed into national objective. We are told what is good for them must be good for us.

We have watched the steady march to the Right by the media and their billionaire owners, and politicians in this country, and in the process the centre has been dragged Right with them, and the Left has been abandoned.

If the Light looks like it is fading, then perhaps it needs to be replaced with a compact florescent light, try something new, instead of trying to recreate the old ways. A New Left.

The next Australian Federal election must be held by 30 November 2013, we are at a crossroads, and we all have a choice – we can continue the way we are going or decide that we will make a difference.

Turn Left.

Turn Left is reclaiming the centre and the left of centre.

Turn Left is reclaiming social justice, peace, compassion, freedom, democracy, equality, truth and a fair go.

It’s Time, that we stop looking to the Right to save us.

It’s Time we Turn Left

* “The light on the hill” was a phrase made famous in 1949 by the then Prime Minister, Ben Chifley, to describe the objective of the Australian Labor Party.


One Comment to “The Light On The Hill Is Fading”

  1. Thank you for this. It is very true. We can’t lose hope.

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