There Comes A Time

There comes a time when we know that we just can’t take it anymore and that we just have to DO something. We can no longer sit idly by (very idle in my case) and observe the deterioration of our democratic processes without speaking out and taking some action to protest what we see as destructive forces in our society.

There are very real threats and are of great concern to a growing number of thinking Australians.

The corruption of the Fourth Estate, or Media, is to the point where it can no longer be trusted to disseminate information required by the population to make informed electoral decisions.

For this reason Red and I decided to set up an information portal to collate and disseminate information relating to Australian politics. The left has a plurality of ideas and potential solutions to problems.

We are a patchwork coat but we shouldn’t argue over whether there should be a zip or buttons on our red and green coat. We must stay a united force with a variety of views. The main goal is to fight modern conservative ideology and halt the corruption of our media and institutions, such as the ABC.

We must develop strategic plans to win back the working class and expose the LNP for the bogus frauds that they are. We need a platform for the left to have a louder voice and counter the cacophony from the right.

A new estate is needed to encourage critical thinking, apply proper scrutiny and hold government, corporations and media accountable. Let’s enlighten more people pay attention to the important events and issues and embolden them to turn left in 2013.

I’m not going down without a fight.



6 Comments to “There Comes A Time”

  1. Just at present the Labor party is too helpfully criticizing itself- and the media and Liberals are gleeful. Criticize where it matters- inside the party room- maintain discipline ( the Lib’s have). What are the petty concerns compared to ‘gifting us’ with an Abbott government?
    And forget playing ‘nice’ the Libs have- get out there and WIN.

    • Perhaps public perception for the ALP and LNP result in ALP punished at the ballot box if they ‘play dirty’, whereas, LNP voters reward their side with votes for that very thing. I believe the Left and ALP voters hold their party to higher standards than the LNP hold theres.
      Though, the ALP politicians and insiders, must surely realise by now, that any criticism of anything – from PM Gillard to policy – will be ruthlessly exploited as disunity by the Opposition and the Media (or is it Opposition-Media).
      Win the election and then fight about whatever it that gets their jollies.
      Penny Carter (@redglitterx) for Turn Left

  2. I have worked in both parties and consider myself one of the left but am not blind to their mistakes and bad policies. I’d never vote conservative and believe it is a mistake to think ‘our’ side is above criticism. Otherwise one could easily drift into the US model where big business owns both parties and you get an Obama type who does Bush politics (at home and abroad)and escapes criticism for the very same policies people opposed when in opposition. If it comes down to it I won’t vote or support the lesser of two evils. We should aim higher.

    • So true. If you can’t criticise your ‘own’ side – constructively, not pointlessly, then they can’t grow from their mistakes. You are saying they are infallible, and no one is infallible.

      ‘Vote for us, we’re not Tony Abbott’ might win some votes, but agree, we should aim higher.
      Penny Carter (@redglitterx) for Turn Left

  3. As long as you don’t mind criticising the ALP and the Greens for some of their foolishness and sellouts – I’m in.

    • As long as criticism is based on what they’ve done, or not done, rather than the fact that they are Green, ALP or union, welcome.
      Penny Carter (@redglitterx) for Turn Left

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