Media Watch – Is the ABC becoming Australias’ loudest voice in climate change denial?

Jonathan Holmes of Media Watch, takes a look at the Australian Environment Foundation in last nights episode (Media Watch 19 March 2012)

The ABC, it seems, is giving an uncritical soapbox to faux environmental lobby groups, funded by climate change sceptics, that are nothing more than a front for the IPA.

The publicly-funded organisation is giving, not only free advertising to a lobby group, but are championing the work of climate change deniers.

The 15-minutes of Media Watch, highlights the complete laziness of Australian media, including Your ABC to take press releases at face value, rather than investigating the contents of those press release, they are not even investigating beyond the name of the group putting out the press releases.

The comments on the transcript page show that Australia has collectively lost its sanity.

Media Watch is also available to download free on the itunes.

text by @redglitterx


3 Responses to “Media Watch – Is the ABC becoming Australias’ loudest voice in climate change denial?”

  1. The biggest failure of the present government has been not undoing the board and subsequent staff changes at the ABC that occurred under howard. The ABC has become an echo chamber of mudochs morons and until this is rectified Labor will continue to suffer from what imbeciles like barry cassady and bernard keane call poor messaging.


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