Macho Man Abbott now wants to be your Doctor

Craig Thomson MP must have thought a certificate from his doctor was good enough to get a day off work.

Apparently not.

The Opposition wanted full medical details before granting a pair. It seem that the privacy between doctors and their patients is no longer sacrosanct.

As Malcolm Farr, writing in the Herald Sun said:

In effect, the Opposition is claiming either that a doctor has issued a false certificate, or that it is better at diagnosing a condition than a trained medical practitioners.
Source: 19 March, 2010: Herald Sun

In between scaling fish, mixing cement, being a politician and eating bananas, Tony Abbott seems to think he also qualified to be a doctor.

Joel Fitzgibbon tweeted (as @fitzhunter 8:29 PM – 18 Mar 12)

Instead of a fluro vest and a nail gun TAbbott’s stunt tomorrow will involve a white coat and a stethoscope to test Craig Thomson’s health!

The people who refuse to accept a medical certificate as a legitimate reason for Thompsons absence, will be, if elected to government, the same people who write Australia’s workplace laws.

additional text by @redglitterx


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