Mixed Message Strategy of the LNP in Queensland Election

click for full size image: image from the Murdoch owned Courier Mail, 21-12-2012

Hajnal Black, the Conservative politician of this article, who stood for the Liberal Nationals in 2009, and has been supported by the Australian TEA party and the ADL (whose British counterpart EDL – English Defence League has been compared to a fascist organisation) gave “police the slip as arrest warrant remains active” against her.

And yet Campbell Newman’s party, I mean, the Liberal Nationals try to paint the ALP as being untrustworthy. Black is currently facing five criminal charges over whether she failed to declare a number of pecuniary interests while working in public office.

Yes, because apparently when conservatives run away from the police while facing five criminal counts, that, is considered trustworthy.

The other mixed message here is the bullet holes in the blue of the Australian flag. Considering the most visible member of the Queensland Labor party is Anna Bligh, the use of bullets continues a disturbing trend among conservatives that talk about assassination and killing female leaders and outspoken Australian women, hoping they will suffer or die.
See: Alan Jones talking about Clover Moore of Sydney put her in the same chaff bag as Julia Gillard and throw them both out to sea and in reference to Prime Minister Gillard again Jones said quite frankly they should shove her and Bob Brown in a chaff bag and take them as far out to sea as they can and tell them to swim home, as well as the recent death threats against television host Yumi Stynes, and also death threats against Julie Bishop.

But you say, no sane person would see that as an invitation to kill any politician. The ad is talking about a change and features bullet holes. When the USAmerican Fox-television host Sarah Palin used crosshairs on a map of congressional districts including that of the Democrat politician Gabrielle Giffords, someone took that seriously, and Giffords was subsequently shot in the head.

Why are bullet holes even necessary to make your point about a change in government?

Edited to add: it has been pointed out to me, Waste in The Sopranos-speak, has a very different connotation, where it is used as a euphemism for kill someone

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3 Responses to “Mixed Message Strategy of the LNP in Queensland Election”

  1. Funny isnt it, Craig Thompson while NOT A MEMBER OF GOVERNMENT and therefore not accountable to Parliament under its rules, Thompson was merely a lowly union leader and had some credit card usage challenges and suddenly Tony Abbott is on television challenging and defaming him, the PM, Work Safe and of course the Labor Party among numerous other he believed involved prior to any evidence being found against the embattled MP and which remains undiscovered to this day.

    Then LNP’s Mary Jo Fisher gets charged with shoplifting and Tony forgets to mention that for two weeks even though he was supposed to declare it to Parliament.
    Then came reports on the quiet 2 LNP MP’s allegedly had words with the store owner and security guard, Tony approved the appointment of a high ranking QC to defend her in what was one of the quietest public figure trials ever.

    Now here we have another LNP member, a member of Campbell Newmans party Hajnal Black facing “five criminal charges over whether she failed to declare a number of pecuniary interests while working in public office” making matters worse shes now fleeing police.

    No doubt Tony Abbott shall neglect to mention this, as opposed to declaring there may have been serious misuse of position by what was a currently serving minister in his party.

    My first thought… does this lodgement of charges against Hadjl Black have any conection to the Campbell Newman allegations, could Hajl Blacks actions of breaching pecuniary interest be connected to Newmans alleged building approval breaches. And if so will the LNP leadership declare it as such.

    Seems to me the LNP has a hide calling anybody to account over ethics or alleged unsavoury behaviour when their own backyard is so obviously a mess.

    As for Alan Jones, can this negative hateful grub sink any lower, about the only thing hes got left to do in the vile hate stakes is attend Parliament and urinate on the coat of arms like any other sneaking common mongrel marking his territory.


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