Stay Classy Right Wing Rednecks

As typical of the Reich Wing trolls, they know only two ways of dealing with anything they don’t like – swearing at random strangers and sexual innuendo-filled trolling.

Perhaps that is because logic and rational discussion is above their intelligence level.

But really, Bill, sweety, do you honestly think your fantasies of… whatever need to be out there on the #auspol hashtag, isn’t that best kept between you and whoever you curl up with at night?

Perhaps, It’s Time for a new tag for progressive, left, centre, and centre left #turnleft (perhaps?) leave the misogynists, trolls, and Howard-Abbott groupies to #auspol.

Stay classy, Redneck Right.

@BillfromBendigo you’re a champion

text by @redglitterx
and I take full responsibility for this comment


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