Special: Queensland Election Campaigning Wrap Up

Campbell Newman

What can be said about someone who acts like he was born to rule. Well, as the child of two federal ministers (son of Kevin Newman, former Member for Bass and Federal Minister, and Jocelyn Newman, former Senator and Federal Minister) he probably feels entitled to rule over the little people. After all, the only good thing about commoners is they pay tax. He claims to want to represent Ashgrove, yet he doesn’t even want to live there. Way to represent.

Bob Katter

Not actually in this election, though absent enough from Canberra that voters might think so. You can vote for his son, though, if you live in Mount Isa, his son, Rob Katter. It could be the beginning of a beautiful political dynasty, move over North Koreas Dear Leader.

the Straddie Mothers, who also happen to be large miners

Thousands of letters were sent to residents of Ashgrove, from a group that called itself Straddie Mothers warning of what would happen if Labor closed down the sandmining on North Stradbroke Island.
The letters were apparently the work of Sibelco Australia, without lodging its interest with the Queensland Electoral Commission

Anna Bligh

Are Liberal National politicians in Queensland really referring to Anna Bligh as Anna Bligh-ar. One track minds. And usually a form of misdirection, when the Conservatives and Neo-Cons accuse you of something, there is a very good chance that is what are they themselves are up to.

And a question many have wondered: how long before LNP completely fracks QLD?

Election night coverage:

Television – live nationally on ABC News 24 and on ABC1 in Queensland only, from 6pm (Qld time, 7pm AEDT)

Radio – ABC NewsRadio and 612 ABC Brisbane, from 6pm (Qld time), 7pm (AEDT) and audio streamed via 612 ABC Brisbane and NewsRadio websites

Online – streamed live at abc.net.au/news, the geo-block will be removed, for people overseas, , go to the ABC’s dedicated tumblr: queensland votes, on twitter, follow the tag #qldvotes and follow @antonygreenabc and @abcelections

text by @redglitterx


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