Tony ‘Soprano’ Abbott, taking a baseball bat to the Prime Minister

Not content to talk about Prime Minister Gillard and Anthony Albenese having targets on their head, and the Australian public wouldn’t miss, talk of baseball bats being used against the Prime Mininster takes the metaphor even further.

Are these really mis-speaks, or does Tony ‘Soprano’ Abbott really spend all day dreaming of ways in which the Prime Minister can come to physical harm?

Is enacting violence against women something that takes a lot of room in Tony Abbott’s thought processes?

Quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald in a piece about the carbon package (tax), Abbott sought to link Gillard to this weekend’s Queensland election Their baseball bats aren’t there for Anna Bligh, they’re there for this Prime Minister, Abbott cried.’

image of The Sopranos, in no way suggests the owners of the rights to the Sopranos in anyway endorses the contents of this post
text by @redglitterx
digital mischief by @redglitterx
quote attributed to Abbott in this piece may actually be Christopher Pyne: SMH: Carbon tax looms, but soft rally hits the wool



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