Anthony Albanese: Noalition Bowling – 0 to 301

This is an extract from a piece by Anthony Albanese

The US Republican Party has been dubbed the ‘Party of No’ for its program of perpetual obstruction. Or, as former presidential hopeful Sarah Palin helpfully described it, the ‘Party of Hell No’. The Republican how-to manual seems to be firmly in the grasp of Tony Abbott as he sets out each day to rally his Noalition troops. There is nothing constructive in this manual. There is nothing in it about building a better Australia. Its sole instruction is to oppose everything and, hopefully, destroy the government in the process. And, just like in the US, the conservative leader is aided by his friends outside the Parliament with very deep pockets.

It’s hard to imagine the despair then, at the conclusion of the autumn session, as Coalition troops head home for the recess. For the Gillard Labor Government has just achieved something of a milestone with the passing of the 300th bill through the House of Representatives. All the bluster, all the raucousness, all the desperate opposition to everything, has not actually translated into any parliamentary success for this Opposition which has failed to knock back one single bill.

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March 23, 2012
Anthony Albanese
Federal Member for Grayndler
Leader Of The House

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