Julia Gillard: is she too Successful to satisfy Michelle Grattan

Fairfox‘s own Michelle Grattan, Political editor of The Age, in an opinion piece PM must keep up strike rate made a startling comment in response to the Prime Ministers observation that when it comes to getting something through Parliament, The PM has a better track record of passing, than the media does of predicting failure.

Grattan’s answer to that:

On substantive matters that is true. In the past parliamentary fortnight, for example, not only has the mining tax passed but legislation for the health insurance rebate means test, new watchdog arrangements for the building and construction industry, tougher regulation of the trucking industry to improve road safety and a better deal for workers in the textile, clothing and footwear industry.

Really, Ms Grattan?

No, really?

According to Grattan, the Prime Ministers biggest problem is she is too successful? On substantive matters?

Perhaps Ms Grattan would prefer Prime Minister Gillard to be victorious in less-substantive matters? Or would Ms Grattan prefer the Prime Minister to be less-successful in all matters?

Is this what the political journalists in this country have been reduced to – complaining about the Prime Ministers success in substantive matters.

text by @redglitterx
quote: PM must keep up strike rate: Michelle Grattan, 23 March, 2012


10 Comments to “Julia Gillard: is she too Successful to satisfy Michelle Grattan”

  1. I notice that the PM has also of late taken to giving La Stupenda the short-shrift in Parliamentary Press Gallery pressers. She dismissed one rambling question with a ‘I don’t understand what you’re talking about Michelle’ and another (based on a silly string of hypotheticals) with a hearty ‘As you know, I don’t respond to hypothetical questions. Next question.’

    It’s the perfect way to put propagandisis like Grattan back in the box. The only thing I can think of that trumps it for effectiveness was when she waltzed into that presser with Carr in tow, giving all those PPG nongs who had had a Carr appointment written off (on acount of the Big Bad factions smothering it) the best case of on-air Petit Mal I’ve seen in years. The stunned silence was delicious.

    Class act, our PM.

    • A lot of political journalists revealed perhaps too much during the Rudd-versus-Gillard stoush. They lost their objectivity.
      Thank you for this observation. And totally agree, the way PM Gillard deals with the media is classy.
      redglitterx for TurnLeft

  2. Isn’t it interesting that speaking of Julie Bishop and Julia Gillard that Julia gets scorn for being unmarried and childless- but M/s Bishop ( also unmarried and childless) is not judged by those standards?

    Well hegemenoy does not like you to speak it’sname:)

  3. Amazing how much spite and vitrol our elected pm gets- and sadly especially from other women.She reminds me of Englands very successful Elizabeth 1- also a red head.The hegemony of the media( print and TV) deny the governemnet’s success

    • And Julie Bishop without irony quotes Madeline Albright’s There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women. to PM Gillard. (BTW: Ed Husic, MP for Chiefly NSW, once said it was clear I was of the hard-left because I used the word hegemony )
      Thank you for comment

      redglitterx for TurnLeft

  4. Unfortunately Grattan still has a major platform in the media for her continued vitriol against Gillard, regardless of facts. Witness her behaviour over the Rudd “challenge” not to mention Carr’s appointment. She should be too embarrassed to continue with her crusade.

  5. Grattan is a hack who lost her mind a while ago. Sorry but that’s the truth.

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