What Now For Queensland? (post-election)

Time To Power Up The DeLorean, its back to 1955

With a mob of Reich-wing Neo-Con Liberal-Nationals cutting a swathe across this country, and now have the east coast firmly in their fists, not quite firmly, must make room for some brown paper bags from developers, mining company donations and I.O.U’s made out to faceless billionaires… allegedly.

Apparently the only thing holding the Palmer government accountable in Queensland now is the Murdoch media.

But, there is always the ABC – which has recently been dubbed The ABCoaltion – chock full of their left wing bias (Ha!).

Never fear, Queensland, don’t despair Men and Women of Australia, because everyone knows how fair and trust-worthy the Liberal-Nationals are.

And as for honest, oh the LNP is scrupulously honest, if you don’t believe me, just ask some children overboard, also that charming young Tony Fitzgerald might have something to add too.

Although, we might need to remind them occasionally the word is scruples, not screw peoples

Logan, can I ask, what were you thinking, voting in a US Marine (Michael Pucci)? They will be taking over Darwin with their bases, but now you’re giving them power one seat a time. We are truly headed down the path to become the 51st state.

Look forward to years of slashed wages, slashed jobs in the public service, development in environmentally vulnerable areas, mining in rainforests, the whole state will be fracked, well and truly fracked.

If Queensland wants a prediction of their future, take a look at what One Term Barry O’Fail and Ted FailYou have been up to recently – both selling off assets, cutting services, breaking promises.

Give it six months and they will be doing all the things they bashed Labor for doing only worse… at least Labor puts the money back into community.

Promises all over the place will be broken, because, as is standard when there is a change of government the books are in a lot worse shape than they thought

The Liberal Nationals will slash the public sector for a surplus that will look good on paper, but one persons government waste is another persons livelihood. There will be changes in living conditions and a stagnate economy.

There is always mining to fill up the coffers, because we all know how big miners love to pay their taxes. And, it’s not like anyone needs a Great Barrier Reef, or the Rainforests, or the beaches, or healthy kids in suburbs not when there is coal seam gas that could be extracted.

Also, the benefit of lots of sick kiddies, is they stop going to school. Enrolments fall and the land can be sold off cheaply to developers to build subdivisions and McMansions, now if they could only find some land to build a school for all the working families that will be moving in…

Expect three and a bit fun-filled years of gerrymanders, so extreme, you will look back on the Kat In The Hat as the days of stability and sensibility.

Will this be the Coyote Ugly of elections? Will Queensland voters regret their decision in the morning? Time will tell.

This is sarcasm, this is a comment on the lack of accountability of the Qld government due to there being a Unicameral system, No upper house to hold things in check

by @redglitterx and @jot_au


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