Corrections are never as exciting as the over-sensationalised error

This comment is from @lynlinking, who blogs at The Political Sword, about a correction in Murdoch’s The Australian, as The Australian is hidden behind a paywall, this link to a screenshot is the best I can do. The original article referred to in the correction has mysteriously vanished from The Australians website.
This is the correction printed:
Correction: A report in The Australian on March 15 (“School faces $200,000 bill to join NBN, page 4) said the Tatachilla Lutheran College in South Australia had been told it would have to pay at least $200,000 to connect to the National Broadband Network. In fact, the school is in a future NBN rollout area and will ultimately receive a free connection to the NBN.

Thanks @lynlinking for this…

@lethalleigh This correction in today’s Oz changes the story just a little bit. Only a little…

pish, what’s $200,000?

additional text by @redglitterx


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