A piece of Murdoch merde – Rupert achieves Regime Change

Newspapers don’t make money. The only reason to own a newspaper publishing empire is to influence public opinion. There has been no secret that the Murdoch media empire in Australia has been trying to bring about Regime Change.

Media is not unbiased. It is not a neutral thing. It is run by editors that have political agendas, for good or bad, they are human.

And this, is Greens Senator Bob Brown’s reaction

images of tweets, used for illustrative purposes and is no way meant to suggest the tweeters in anyway endorse the contents of this post
text by @redglitterx


4 Comments to “A piece of Murdoch merde – Rupert achieves Regime Change”

  1. Murdoch can’t even spell Labor as in ALP!

  2. This tweet is capable of a couple of different meanings.

    If you adopt that abominable American practice of adding a Nation to a place name to more fully identify it (as in Paris, France; Or Denver, Colorado), the tweet could be read as: “Queensland, Australia, wipes out Labor Government. Must scare feds. Well deserved.”

    In other words, it would be no more or less objectionable than any other of Murdoch’s barrell-bottom scraping tweets.

    The other interpretation is that the “Oz” in the tweet represents The Australian, Rupe’s flagship shit-rag here. If that is indeed the proper interpretation, then the tweet should read: “Queensland, The Australian Newspaper wipes out Labor Government. Must scare the feds. Well deserved” and Sen Brown has hit the nail on the head.

    Normally I wouldn’t know which interpretation more likely to be correct. But we are talking about Rupert Murdoch here. Perhaps the devious creep wanted to inject just the right level of ambiguity to keep it thus.

    • I never picked up the second meaning, but great point. I know that the Oz seems to have a personal objection to Bob Brown.
      Agree, barrel-bottom scraping.
      redglitterx for TurnLeft

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