Kristina Keneally: Bligh’s defeat will not taint ‘can do’ Gillard

Kristina Keneally, MP and former NSW Premier, writing in the Drum, takes a look at the Bligh governments campaign in Queensland, in comparison with the Keneally governments campaign in the 2011.

Both elections were fought on state issues entirely. Abbott fancifully tried to interpret federal issues in the results in NSW: no-one bought it then, no-one is buying it in Queensland now.

There will be lots of commentary about the Queensland result. Greater party democracy, increased party membership, and internal reform will be put forward as the way back to electoral relevance in Queensland, NSW and nationally. I’m not opposed to doing those things. But, as Julia Gillard is determinedly demonstrating, there’s no better way to raise the value of the Labor brand than to consistently deliver on Labor’s core promise: we are the party that delivers the policies and services to improve the lives of working people.

For the full article: Bligh’s defeat will not taint ‘can do’ Gillard (26 Mar 2012) by Kristina Keneally
The Drum Opinion

image used for illustrative purposes and is no way meant to suggest the copyright holder or Kristina Keneally in anyway endorse the contents of this post
by @redglitterx
quote by Kristina Keneally, writing for the Drum


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