Is Malcolm Turnbull the saviour of the centre or just a man of the 1% in a leather jacket?

I have been hearing and seeing a lot talk recently about how if Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull would just left their current parties and formed a new party of the centre, the voters would flock.

Apart from the idea of who would be leader (and wouldn’t political journalists in Australia have a field day over speculating on that one?), is does this suggestion even make sense.

Polling suggests that Rudd is the preferred Labor leader among Coalition voters, while Turnbull is the preferred Coalition leader among Labor voters. Although I do wonder, if the pollsters ever ask Is your preference based on them leading their party as Opposition leader?

Where does this appeal to Lefties for Malcolm Turnbull come from? Is it merely that he is not Abbott? Is it that he stood for a Republic against other Liberal-Nationals during dodgy 1999 referendum? Or that he doesn’t hate on climate change scientists, quoted here in a piece Turnbull wrote: Abbott’s climate change policy is bullshit

The Liberal Party is currently led by people whose conviction on climate change is that it is “crap” and you don’t need to do anything about it. Any policy that is announced will simply be a con, an environmental figleaf to cover a determination to do nothing. After all, as Nick Minchin observed, in his view the majority of the Party Room do not believe in human caused global warming at all. I disagree with that assessment

The tweeting Turnbull certainly has a legion of fans among the left and centre-right, but perhaps this admiration is misplaced?

Turnbull is not really in the middle, or a centrist, at all. He is a man who poses enormous personal wealth, and is a politician who argues for an economic framework that will deliver the further concentration of wealth in the hands of the few.
Malcolm is not so in the middle: The Drum Opinion

Instead of championing Liberal-Nationals members as being the only hope for the Left and Centre, how about we either acknowledge the wealth of talent already in the Labor party and Greens. Or we could stop the factions pushing their Chosen Sons on us, and demand better.

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2 Comments to “Is Malcolm Turnbull the saviour of the centre or just a man of the 1% in a leather jacket?”

  1. I’m one lefty who has never been impressed by Malcolm Turnbull and i’d say the majority of Malcolm huggers out there in Leftieland thought he was rubbish until Sneerleader stabbed him in the back and used Sloppy Joe as a blunt instrument to finish him off.

    Turnbull is still Turnbull; an arrogant silvertail, full of hubris, lacking in political nous and judgement. I have to admit, Rudd had me fooled for a while, but the revelations of his spiteful leaking turned me off him. In all fairness, However, i think he’s the very sort of person who appeals to the typical Liars Party voter.

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