Could You Live On $35 A Day? You will do well under Abbott’s work choices

$35 a day, or $243 per week, is the Newstart Allowance.

There is already rumblings growing louder among Liberal National supporters about limiting the Newstart allowance to a set number of weeks (the original 99% – the 99 weeks of unemployment benefits), as they do in the USA, because that system has apparently been so successful for the United States jobs growth.

Reducing access to government assistance for the worse off while expanding taxpayer funded government benefits to the upper middle class and wealth does not make sense. This will not improve under an Abbott Government. After all, the funding for the Nannies For The Wealthy has to come from somewhere.

If you work, even 1 hour of paid work in a fortnight, you are assessed as being no longer unemployed. Not many people could feed their families on the pay from one hour work.

Next time a business shuts down and takes it jobs offshore, or the governments end public waste, that is someone’s job that has just been abolished.

Think these people don’t deserve assistance? Consider these facts, as pointed out by ACOSS (Australian Council Of Social Service):

Far from the stereotype of a ‘lazy dole bludger’, most of the 575,000 people on Newstart Allowance are actually among the most disadvantaged people in Australia.

1 in 3 are over 45 years of age
1 in 6 have been assessed as only able to work part time due to a disability, including mental illness
1 in 10 are from Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander backgrounds
1 in 15 is a sole parent, needing affordable child care services and a job with family friendly hours
2 out of every 5 recipients has less than Year 12 qualifications
60% have received unemployment payments for over a year, and 25% for over 3 years
Source: Acoss

And with 50% of the tax base in this country coming from PAYE workers, when the work force shrinks so does the revenue that goes to government – the result is services get slashed. Cutting Newstart will not get people back into employment, it will only further increase their poverty, further reducing their chances of finding paid employment.

Supporting people until they find work provides benefits to entire communities, as it increases the money they spend in their local area, which helps small and local businesses.

oh how will the nation be able to afford private nannies if there is no one paying their taxes?

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14 Comments to “Could You Live On $35 A Day? You will do well under Abbott’s work choices”

  1. Newstart is high compared to Austudy. The base Austudy rate is $101.35 per week, or less than $14.50 a day for full-time students.

    By comparison, the Aged Pension is $347.65 per week, or $49.66 per day! Sounds like a fortune to a full-time student like myself who is used to budgeting $17 a day for all expenses after rent (food, phone, internet, transport, electricity) – and that includes my wages from working 6hrs/week. It’s virtually impossible to be a full-time student and not have a part-time job.

    According to Peter Martin Newstart and the Pension were once the same rate.

    The maximum payment for Rent Assistance (across the board) is an additional $40 per week if you have housemates, or $60 if you live by yourself.

    The rates for both Newstart and Austudy should be brought in line with the Aged Pension, and Rent Assistance should depend on the amount of rent you pay, not on how many people you live with.

    – Aged Pension
    – Austudy
    – Newstart

  2. I’m having a bad day. 😦

    This is actually the link I wanted to post on rubbery unemployment figures:

    Although written in 2004, I believe it’s still relevant.

  3. As an off-topic: why do the comments show in an apparently random time order? 🙂

    • I had no idea that it did that, maybe it is what time the comments get moderated?
      redglitterx for TurnLeft

      • I have to apologise for my comment on the time display: I wasn’t taking into account your replies to comments which, of course, would not be in order.

        I guess giving up coffee/caffeine yesterday is befuddling my mind.

      • 🙂 perfectly fine, but I would have thought the time on the comments would be the time they are posted, and not the time they are moderated.
        redglitterx for TurnLeft

  4. “1 hour of paid work in a fortnight, you are assessed as being no longer unemployed”

    I’m disappointed the ALP has continued with this dishonest accounting method.

    • Perhaps that is why our unemployment rates in Australia is low, we would never know, under-employed, and severely under-employed aren’t counted. Thank you for these links. Agree, it’s disappointing from the party that calls itself “labor”
      redglitterx for TurnLeft

  5. Putting aside the human misery out come, for one second, you could do a follow up on stats, re crime.

    Wouls people resort to crime to eat. This in its self defeats the reasons behind this, but of course
    Crime is a state matter, silly me.

    • Richard Ackland, who writes often in the Fairfax media and Justinian shows the correlations between a good economy and crime rates dropping, he also shows the correlation between crimes rates going down and media outrage about crime going up, if I can find his most recent piece will include a link, thanks for the suggestion.
      redglitterx for TurnLeft

  6. Its a shame u dont have contact email, i really like to know whose blog i am writing on,

    Also why not consider an open thread for bloggers , something like poll bludger so people can read opi ions.

    No polls though,

    • Hi thanks, there are twitter links on each post, direct email on the editors and another email on the submissions page, and links to our facebook and tumblr. Thanks for your comment, if I can think of anymore places to put our contact information, will try.
      Great idea for the other things, anyone who wants a author account, which means they can publish their own posts without being moderated, delete them and upload files just needs to ask
      redglitterx for TurnLeft

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