Victoria’s Liberal-National Politicians Exempt Themselves From Corruption Commission

Victoria’s Baillieu government hunt for a head of its anti-corruption commission hit a snag, when no one who had been approached wanted to be part of it

Unlike other Australian anti-corruption bodies, the bill establishing the Victorian body requires corruption to be an indictable offence, which would preclude investigation of areas such as misconduct in public office or conflicts of interest. And unlike the NSW body, on which the government said it would model its commission, the Victorian body cannot probe whether MPs are breaching their codes of conduct.
Source: State’s hunt for anti-corruption chief falters

One of the people on the 4-person panel searching for candidates was former NSW premier John Fahey, so that means, a former politicians is going to be choosing someone to head a committee that investigates corruption in which politicians are exempt.

Surely exempting yourself from a Corruption Commission would just be temptation – for others to look for reasons to accuse someone of corruption, knowing that no matter how corrupt the actions, a politician would be untouchable.

Not suggesting any actual wrong doing, because quite honestly what Baillieu does, it just does not interest me enough to investigate, or even google, whether he is breaking any election promises, I am simply commenting on how it LOOKS, and it doesn’t look good.

For more on this: The Age

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