What A Fair Go Means To Wayne Swan

The Deputy PM took to his twitter account @SwannyDPM to explain what he meant by his vision of a Fair Go.

This is what he had to say:

Tweets reproduced below the graphic in text format

The response to these tweets ranged from support to opposition. And those who disagreed with Swan’s opinions got ugly, rabid, vicious, hateful. I am sure that politicians are used to negative feedback, but this was a level of disrespect out of all proportion for a very senior member of the Australian government.

That people are opposed to the idea of a fair go, suggests they enjoy the inequality in this country. Possibly because of greed, selfishness, self-obsession, lack of compassion, xenophobia – who knows what drives someone to rant against equality.

But this is showing what the Ugly Australian really looks like

Swan’s Tweets

Spoke about the positive response reaction to the @THEMONTHLY essay and the predictable reaction from the Libs and vested interests #FairGo link

In dismissing #FairGo, the class warfare cry doesn’t cut it – it’s not about that, it’s about these two things… link

1 – Ensuring more people have say in public debate, and 2 – more people having a stake in our economic success. link

Just because you can’t afford a full page ad in the paper doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a say #FairGo link

And just because vested interests can afford to buy publicity doesn’t mean they speak for the majority. They don’t. link

I want to ensure more Australians will enjoy the benefits of the Asian Century, not just a fortunate few #FairGo link

text by @redglitterx
additional text by Wayne Swan, use of quotes in no way suggests that Swan in any way endorses the contents of this post or this blog


2 Comments to “What A Fair Go Means To Wayne Swan”

  1. I haven’t seen or spoken to Swannee for many years but I have always liked him. And I am thankful that, at this time of financial crisis across the world, we seem to have a plain old -fashioned Labor Treasurer pursuing Keynesian policies – the only economic doctrine as far as I am concerned that has real runs on the board. A few Question Times ago I even heard him refer to Ted Theodore!

    • I think people respond to strong leaders – we have a plan, we are going to do it, we have done it. Swan seems that kind of person, we want a fair go, this is how, and this is what we have done. When leaders say things like climate change is the biggest challenge we face, but we wont do anything, they seem weak (Rudd, yes, that was for you). And when critics attack Swan he stands by his goals, he doesn’t seem to bow down before faceless billionaires.
      BTW- I had to look up who Ted Theodore was : )
      redglitterx for TurnLeft

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