No one believes Tony Abbott, not even his own ministers

Tony Abbott’s $2 billion a year Great Big New Nanny Give-away, that only the very wealthy would qualify for, is an election stunt. One that he has no intentions of following through with.

Working women and the aspirationals would not likely have qualified for the taxpayer-subsidised Nanny anyway. So the only group likely to be affected by a dumped promise are the wealthy, who possibly would continue to vote Liberal National regardless of how many non-core promises fall by the wayside.

And – as Kate Ellis, Federal Member for Adelaide (Minister for Employment Participation, Minister for Early Childhood and Child Care) has tweeted, not even Liberal Nationals believe in Abbott’s promises any more.

text of tweet from Kate Ellis:Lib MP on Abbott’s nanny subsidies, “No one really thinks we’re going to do it. It’s just part of the appeal to women”. Lenore Taylor in SMN

The article referred to by Minister Ellis is Nanny rebate would cost $2b, Lenore Taylor, 31 Mar 2012

text by @redglitterx
image of tweet is in no way intended to suggest that Ellis, or even Taylor, in any way endorses the contents of this post or this blog


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