IPA Run The Country, Some At ‘Limited News’ Seem To Think So

text of image: Apparently the IPA’s James Patterson saying something now means “officials says”. Seriously http://news.com.au, lift your f*cking game.

The IPA is a right-wing think tank, who seem to be given an extraordinarily large amount of time to push their agenda on the supposedly balanced ABC. No we know why, apparently they run the country.

And from @lynlinking (who blogs at The Political Sword)

Managing editor David Donovan completes the final part of this research into ABC Q&A programme by looking at the way it is emblematic of the ABC as a whole, in the way it creates false debate on non-controversial issues, while stifling debate about issues that are truly important.

The ABC’s false balance

The ABC protected IPA

An ABC QandA adventure in false balance

text of tweet from @beneltham
Notice the IPA has had a go at Flannery’s “taxpayer-funded” salary. When will the IPA renounce its own tax deductible status?

text of reply from @senatormilne – Christine Milne (Australian Greens Deputy Leader and Senator for Tasmania)
When will the IPA be upfront about which companies and individuals fund it?

But the question must be asked: Since the IPA benefits from public funding, surely they should be left to the mercy of the free market? After all, accepting government handouts would be socialism.

text by @redglitterx
additional text by @GrogsGamut, @beneltham, @senatormilne, @lynlinking
I suspect that the image of the fox/abc logo will be removed soon for infringement of copyright or trademark logo, if you like it, and want to keep it, take it


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