Liberals seek US-style ‘fix’ for seat to block previous candidate’s selection

Despite critics attacking the Labor plan of community consultation, using US-style primaries to choose a candidate, it looks like the Liberals will jump first, in Western Sydney.

The western Sydney seat of Greenway, which is home to many different communities, no longer just the rednecks of stereotypes, previously working-class but now full of aspirationals was won by the Labor candidate by just over 700 votes. Tony Abbott blames these people for him not being Prime Minister.

Michelle Rowland narrowly beat the Liberal candidate, Jayme Diaz, a migration lawyer who arranges visas for clients, also of Filipino descent, for the seat, which is in an area where border security is a sensitive issue, but also home to a large Filipino community.

Diaz also has the backing of the Religious Right, which may prove important in an electorate which is host to the Hillsong pentacostal prosperity-doctrine based church. The member for neighbouring Macquarie, the Liberal Louise Markus, who it seems is on the board of only one organisation, that is Hillsong. So religion, apparently is a factor when choosing candidates for western Sydney seats.

Abbott has found the solution, to the 702 vote loss, and has told the state party that he wants a different candidate.

A Liberal source said: The entire motivation for the discussion in the party around primaries was how do you fix the seat of Greenway. Which shows how hypocritical the Liberals are for attacking Labor for factionalism, when they are engaged in the very same behaviour themselves.

So, why bring in a US-style voting process, the same kind that have been used to mock Labor with as being out of ideas?

a US-style primary in the western Sydney seat of Greenway, one of the electorates Tony Abbott blames for his failure to snatch victory from Labor at the last federal election… will be sold as an experiment in democracy by giving the community a say in the party’s candidate to contest the next federal election.

However, party insiders say it is a calculated bid to prevent the previous candidate, Jayme Diaz, a Blacktown migration lawyer, from running again.

Why would Abbott, personally, champion a selection process that could see Diaz miss out as candidate, especially when he came so close in the previous election – unless Abbott still sees Western Sydney as the badlands populated by migrant-hating rednecks, which would be an outdated stereotype of one of the most ethnically diverse parts of Australia.

Image of Diaz, used without permission from Sydney Morning Herald, because people ask, and because there were no images in the public domain that could be found even after an extensive crawl of the web, forgive me SMH

text by @redglitterx
additional information from Liberals look to US for seat ‘fix’



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