Tony Abbott Is Managing His Daughters Career, There Is No Hard Hat With That

Tony Abbott’s daughter is a model. No ordinary model. She does not have a manager. Tony Abbott managers her career.

That’s right, his staff, quite possibly the same ones that your taxes and my taxes are paying for.

Adding yet another skill to Abbotts bow, along with construction worker, soldier, police officer, doctor, fish-monger, fruit-packer, we now have model agent.

As Abbott’s daughter launches her modelling career as an ambassador for the Sydney Autumn Racing Carnival, she has no professional representation.

Surely that is a slur against every model agency in the country that none of them are up to the job.

When The Sun-Herald called the Australian Turf Club to speak to Ms Abbott about the trend of politicians’ children taking up modelling, the paper was referred to Mr Abbott’s press secretary and told Ms Abbott does not have her own agent.
Source: Sun-Herald

All requests with that paper were also refused – which sort of defeats the purpose of paying an ambassador in the first place. After all, isn’t an ambassadors job to get publicity. To promote the very thing you are hired to be an ambassador for. That is really not value for money.

The Sun-Herald contacted the office of the Victorian Premier, Ted Baillieu, to speak to his daughters about their modelling careers. His office said they were unavailable for comment.

Who needs to pay for anything, when Daddy’s staff can step in and do so.

text by @redglitterx
additional text by The Sun-HeraldAbbott oversees daughter’s PR, Cosima Marriner, Kate Waterhouse
Apr 1, 2012

digital mischief by @redglitterx
no hardhats were harmed in the making of this image


6 Comments to “Tony Abbott Is Managing His Daughters Career, There Is No Hard Hat With That”

  1. The real story is the media concentrates on the trivial and not that taxpayer funds are being used inappropriately

    • Agree! But I was careful to not actually say that. Bloggers can get sued.

      But how different is that from John hoWARd taking over the Governor Generals residence in Sydney, because he had children – and didnt move out even after they were grown, married and moved overseas. Or Peter Reith and his $50,000 phone card bill, racked up by his son, on taxpayer funded phone card.

      If politicians misuse taxpayer funds – how is this not THEFT – and yet Tony seems to think the big issue is Craig Thompson and the union funds, it’s none of his business, unless the unions called the police.
      redglitterx for TurnLeft

  2. I’d like to know what happened to the apostrophe. At least two of em missing in that item.

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