Rob Oakeshott and Greg Hunt disagree about Carbon Pricing

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Greg Hunt (@GregHuntMP) is Shadow Minister for Climate Action

Robert Oakeshott (@OakeyMP) is Independent Federal MP for Lyne.

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@GregHuntMP Interesting to know whether PM agrees with Minister Combet re carbon tax that “It’s not a tax…” Keen to hear today

@OakeyMP @GregHuntMP Greg, please refer me to the Carbon Tax Bill to support your case.I can’t find it.What I can find is ETS Bills,but no CT bills.

@GregHuntMP @OakeyMP the PM conceded it is a tax, 2nd the def’n of such is a fixed price floating volume impost – 3rd changing name does not fool public

@OakeyMP @GregHuntMP ok-so can u actually show me a CT Bill?The only tax-related bill 2 do with carbon I voted for is lifting the tax-free threshold.

@GregHuntMP @OakeyMP if you didn’t realise that the Clean Energy Bill was a carbon tax at $23/tonne, are you willing to withdraw your vote? #itsataxrob

@OakeyMP @GregHuntMP and thanks for at least acknowledging they are not technically tax bills.

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