The class war is over. The rich have won ~ Mark Shields

The class war is over. I mean, the rich have won. Let’s be blunt about it when you see the tax cut. It’s really to comfort the comfortable. I think it is a question of what are taxes for? Are they just to return to people who are lucky enough to make that kind of money and able to pay them, or is it a question of are we going to build a fairer, more humane, more just society with better schools? How about the 45 million Americans without any health insurance? Are we going to be concerned about the hospitals that are being punished right now because we’ve had to put a cap on Medicare spending?
Mark Shields

PBS Newshour transcript; Air date: 9 Feb 2001

Mark Shields is a USAmerican political columnist and commentator, who provides weekly political analysis and commentary for PBS’ award-winning PBS NewsHour, which airs in Australia on SBS.

From the Depths, Painting by William Balfour Kerr, 1906

text by @redglitterx
additional text by Mark Shields speaking on PBS Newshour
use of quote is in no way intended to imply that Shields or PBS Newshour in anyway endorse the contents of this post or blog


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