The Easter Bilby

Replacing the traditional rabbit, Australia now has its very own Easter Bilby.

The concept of an Easter Bilby has been around since at least 1968, and now promotion of chocolate bilbies can help fund conservation of this endangered species, such as funded by the chocolate store Darrell Lea.

There is also the children’s story Burra Nimu, the Easter Bilby, by Jeni Bright, which is available for download. This is an extract

Binni knew that eggs meant the start of new life and new hope, so he made his especially beautiful. He painted rich red eggs, the colour of the hot desert earth, and splashed them with bright sparkles, because the desert is full of life.

Next, he painted soft green eggs and sprinkled them with the colours of the wild flowers he had once seen, soon after the water fell from the sky.

Then Binni painted warm yellow eggs, the colour of the early morning sun before it fades in the heat of the day. These he gave to Bindee, who decorated them with animals and birds.

Finally, Binni painted deep blue eggs, the colour of the early evening sky when he and his family came out of their burrow to feed and play. Bindee decorated these with twinkling stars. Then she carefully painted each with the big, round moon that hangs on the horizon when the night is clear.

When all the eggs were finished the burrow was ablaze with the colours of the land.

text by @redglitterx
and Jeni Bright, author of Burra Nimu, the Easter Bilby; source of extract quoted here
use of Bright’s story, reference to Darrell Lea, and the Bilby image is in no way intended to imply that they would endorse the contents of this post or blog, also mention of Darrell is not an endorsement


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