Why are Zionists being consulted by the head of Business Council Of Australia about raising the level of Australian GST

In an Ayn Randian-style speech the head of the Business Council Of Australia, a corporate lobby group, wants pensioners and the unemployed to pay more tax, and also pay his tax too while they are at it – and who did he consult – the Australian Israel Chamber of Commerce.

Australian trade with Israel would be small, and yet they hold enormous sway over public policy in Australia, out of all proportion to any benefits they deliver to Australian industries or workers.

Lift GST to fund other tax cuts, business chief says

Tony Shepherd, new head of the Business Council of Australia, addressed the Australian Israel Chamber of Commerce, urging the Federal Government to remove barriers to competition. Barriers to competition usually means workers protections, environmental protections, health and safety, taxes on massive profit, anti-monopoly, minimum wage – those kinds of barriers.

Shepherd want to reduce business and income taxes, funded by raising GST. This would represent a massive transfer of wealth from the working poor, the unemployed and pensioners who pay little or no income tax or business tax, yet still pay 10% on everything they buy.

The tax system should be shifted from direct taxes to an increased reliance on indirect taxes like the GST.
We should be realistic that reconfiguring our tax system in this way can be done in a way that raises enough revenue, promotes growth and provides a fair go for people who are less well off,
he said.

Why is this man being called a business chief, like he is some kind of official? He is the head of a lobby group. That would be like calling a mobster a banking chief, or the head of the fast food lobby a nutrition chief

Slashing business taxes put an incredible burden on working poor and non-workers, who cannot avoid or minimise their taxes by opening a head office in Vanuatu or the Cook Islands. If – when – this happens, Australia would see the farcical situation we are currently seeing in US America where Right-Wing conservative governments try to portray Wisconsin public school teachers on $56,000 a year as over-paid while CEOs on $1.5 million are under-paid and over-taxed, even on a tax rate of 0% they still feel they are paying too much. Or we might see another Florida, which recently repealed laws that made wage-theft illegal, thus legalising bosses stealing their employees wages.

Is this the Australia we want? A country that worships the almighty dollar? This is what we get if we shrink the tax base to the poorest of the poor, while giving business everything they want in a race down to the bottom.

Why? Why is it necessary to consult Israel or its lobby group? Why does an Australian lobby group seek approval from an Israeli lobby group about the amount of GST Australian tax payers actually pay.

Anyway, how is a corporate lobby group any different from say a “bosses union”, in that they pay their dues and hope their collective bargaining power can gain their members benefits? Oh, right… it’s bad when workers do it, respectable when “rich” people do it.

*The origin of the term Zionism is the biblical word Zion, often used as a synonym for Jerusalem and the Land of Israel
Source: Palestine Facts – What is Zionism and who are the Zionists?

text and image by @redglitterx
image of the cross from wikipedia under creative commons that allows for remix and reuse, chrome rainbow dollar symbol added by redglitterx
use of the cross is in no way intended to imply that that wikipedia, or the church where the cross is located in anyway endorses this post or this blog
article: Lift GST to fund other tax cuts, business chief says – Leonie Lamont, April 4, 2012: Sydney Morning Herald



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