QandA – Dawkins V Pell as seen by Twitter

ABC’s Qanda was a two-sided debate between Richard Dawkins atheist and Cardinal Pell, Tony Abbotts advisor, these were the twitter highlights for those who couldn’t watch the show… or a flashback for those who did.

Craig Reucassel: of The Chaser
Pell: God chose the Jews because they were dumber than the Egyptians. Wow, don’t remember that from scripture. #qanda

Leslie Cannold: author
Wny does Pell think he’s qualified to judge the evidence on climate change? Are scientists qualified to judge what’s Catholic? #qanda

Ben Eltham: Correspondent for New Matilda
Survival of the fittest = atheism = Hitler and Stalin. QED. [headsmack] #qanda

Craig Reucassel: of The Chaser
Pell says Adam and Eve are mythological story told for religious purposes. Wow. #qanda

Tracey Spicer: Shock jockette, autocue reader, newspaper bleater
Christianity gave women rights? Then when will we see female clergy, Archbishop? #qanda

Dan Ilic: Writer, performer, comedian, presenter
Pell ” So I tied an onion to my belt, which was the style at the time.” #qanda

Marina Go: Media Wife, Sons Rife, Passionate Life
Well that was a waste of time #qanda

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