If you don’t think the NBN is a good idea, let’s try this experiment

If you want to know why the National Broadband Network is vital for people in rural and regional areas of Australia, try doing this:

Do you own a business that has interstate or international clients? No emailing, you will now have to post any documents, designs, plans, if you can find an Australia Post shop that hasn’t shut down and then wait for a reply

Own a business with interstate or international clients or affiliates? You won’t be able to teleconference, so spend a few thousand, few hundred thousand dollars flying off to a meeting in person

Need to get information to a coworker, client, manager and they are any further than the next room? It better not be important, because you will need to make photocopies of any documents, then put them in the post, hope they don’t get lost, and wait for a reply

Do you have a medical question? No looking up hypocondriacs.com.org to rule out rare tropical diseases – wait three weeks and see a doctor, and hope that it isn’t serious in the meantime

Banking? Go find a branch office

Medicare rebate? Wait until you’re near a branch office

Booking a flight or accommodation? Find a travel agent to help with that, no online booking

Booking tickets for an event, music concert, football game, or etc – drive yourself to a ticketing agent, no more relying on online booking

Paying a bill? Find a branch office or visit your bank branch office (haha, good luck finding one that hasn’t closed) and pay there

Renewing your car, house, contents, business insurance? If your phone doesn’t drop out, phone every agent you can find to compare quotes then drive to a branch office

Weekly grocery shopping will mean visiting the actual store, you can’t visit Coles or Woolworths online stores and after a few clicks all the work you do is wait for delivery and unpack, not any more

Don’t read any newspaper or magazines, or if you do, read yesterdays

Disconnect the internet from any computing device or phone you own

No online forums, twitter or blogs to get opinionated, all you can do is yell at the radio (and chances are it will be Alan Jones or Kyle Sandilands, since they are syndicated nationally)

If there is a political scandal, your favourite celebrity died or a major natural disaster some place in the world, you won’t be getting minute-by-minute updates online, no, you can read about it the next day if you can find a newspaper that is

Listen to no new music, only what you already own on CD

Don’t watch any TV, except for ABC, that means no paytv, no commercial networks (a lot of rural places can only get the ABC)

Read no new books, only what you already own

No new movies, only what you already own

If you want to research something, get yourself to a library and open an encyclopaedia

No emails, twitter DMs or facebook messaging – post a letter

Staying in contact with family and friends overseas? No online phonecalls or webcams – post a letter

You’re old, your kids have their own lives, and now you must get your own life too, because they won’t visit, so no webcam or emails with lolcats and daily updates of how fast your grandkids are growing

Don’t think you’ll be playing Angry Birds – read a book or find a deck of playing cards

In fact, every app you have on your computing device, they don’t exist

Have you done all that?
Welcome to Rural and Regional Australia


One Comment to “If you don’t think the NBN is a good idea, let’s try this experiment”

  1. Even conservatives are beginning to understand. It’s not hard when you think about it. If Australia is to be relevant in a competitive online world, we need to have the infrastructure in place. The NBN is world-class technology, being rolled out from shore to shore. One of the biggest infrastructure projects ever undertaken. In time to come Aussies will look back and recognise the National Broadband Network as one of the best things ever to happen to this country.

    Here’s a great video exploring some of the possibilities…

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