Tasmania, meet the Liberal Senator who doesn’t care if he kills you

Hello Tasmania, have you met Stephen Parry? I’m sure you have, you voted him in to the Senate, representing the Liberal Party.

Now, ex-police officer, Parry is the Deputy President of the Senate, and he cares so little about his constituents, that he seems to not care if he kills you or not.

Brave call for a little blog? Perhaps, but there is no other way to describe someone who gets caught drink driving, with a reading of 0.1 during a random breath test.

That is not just irresponsible, not just dodgy, not just a little bit of money ‘accidentally’ falling into the wrong pockets – that is putting your life in danger.

Well done to the Liberal member Stephen Parry.

Oh, and he is sorry I have made a serious error of judgement

… I must add allegedly for everything I have written.

Source: Drink-driving senator loses his licence
Tasmanian senator Stephen Parry sorry for drink driving

text by @redglitterx
reference to any person in this post is in no way intended to imply that the people quoted would in any way endorse the contents of this post or blog


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