What we missed when the Australian media was distracted by One Direction

text of image: Morgan Fairchild – Syrians Fire Into Turkey in Clash Near Refugee Camp: http://nyti.ms/IbXQTl

Does the Australian media have its priorities right? Or our priorities? Why are celebrities more insightful on the state of the world, and the Middle East – African events than what our media can provide?

text of image: Bianca Jagger – Mubarak’s Henchman #OmarSuleiman longtime spymaster & domestic enforcer @DavidKenner Foreign Policy: http://bit.ly/IARi2l via @FP_Magazine

Refugees being attacked in Turkey, the enforcer for ousted Egyptian dictator Mubarak is standing for Egyptian President – I realise that One Direction in Australia for a magazine-sponsored television awards night, is important, especially if you a pre-tween girl, but do I really have to find out about the state of the world from Mick Jagger’s ex-wife and Morgan Fairchild? No offence to Morgan Fairchild, but… Morgan Fairchild!

For those who don’t know who Ms Fairchild is: US American soapies actress from the 80s and Mick Jagger is lead singer for The Rolling Stones a 60s-70s-80s-90s-00s band.

text by @redglitterx
use of Morgan Fairchild’s tweet and image, and Bianca Jaggers tweet and image is in no way intended to imply that they would in anyway endorse the contents of this post or blog


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