Now Tony Abbott’s got a great big new tax – and the Murdoch media think it is funny

Samantha Maiden has written a piece in Murdoch’s Daily TelegrahNow Tony Abbott’s got a great big new tax‘ (11-Apr-2012). And she thinks it’s a hoot. (Which, is a mid-15th century word for a laugh, something funny)

What exactly about Abbott’s Nanny-tax does Maiden think is a laugh?

Tony Abbott’s paid parental leave plan will hit more companies than the carbon tax. Julia Gillard’s carbon tax will be paid by 500 of the nation’s biggest polluters. Abbott’s maternity leave tax levy of 1.5 per cent would hit an estimated 3300 businesses. (Maiden)

Abbott is in for the lulz.

Maybe we are thigh-slapping, side-splitting at the idea that
wealthy working mums, [would] get a taxpayer-funded “wage” for six months, up to an eye-watering $75,000 for women on $150,000 a year. (Maiden)

Why does someone on an income of $150,000 or more even require taxpayer assistance to pay for their baby. Perhaps if they are earning that much and still have trouble making ends meet, maybe they need some income-quarantining. If it is good enough for Northern Territory, we can extend that to the wealthy who spend their massive incomes inappropriately that they can’t pay for their babies necessities.

Or maybe it is the idea that more companies in total will be paying a higher amount of Great Big New Nanny Tax than would under a Carbon price that has us all rolling on the floor in laughter
If the Coalition argues it’s a modest impact, how does that stack up with their claims the carbon tax will be catastrophic? And what if Abbott is elected but a hostile Greens-dominated Senate blocks him from axing the carbon tax? Would companies be forced to pay both the $5 billion carbon tax and the $3 billion paid parental leave levy? (Maiden)

Nothing makes me laugh out loud more than the thought of paying more tax to fund nannies for the wealthy subsidised from the taxes of the working poor.

Yep, we are all laughing.
Bear in mind Abbott’s $3 billion parental scheme contains no cost-of-living compensation, whereas the carbon tax is set to compensate Australians with $5 billion in tax cuts and welfare payments. (Maiden)

Pensioners and low-income working poor paying for the lifestyles of the rich and more-richer, Tony is laughing that anyone thinks this is for working women.

But if you think it’s cheeky for Abbott to slag the carbon tax while introducing his very own $3 billion parental leave levy on business, you are not Robinson Crusoe. (Maiden)

Robinson Crusoe apprently was a sailor who got shipwrecked on island and lived alone for 28 years, surviving on his own ingenuity.

Oh great, Maiden thinks our Great Big New Nanny Tax is some sort of cross between Gilligans Island and Survivor.

Well, vote me off the island first, I don’t want to pay.

text by @redglitterx
reference to any person in this post is in no way intended to imply that the people quoted would in any way endorse the contents of this post or blog


2 Comments to “Now Tony Abbott’s got a great big new tax – and the Murdoch media think it is funny”

  1. While Samantha Maiden’s amusement is a bit iffy, she deserves points for at least putting some facts out there.

    Just imagine if it became common knowledge in the public that Abbott’s Great Big New Tax would hit more than six times as many businesses as the government’s carbon price. The “debate” about taxes and who’s slugging who could turn around in a way that would send icicles down Abbott’s rubbery spine. And what’s more it would be based on FACT, not SPIN and lies.

    More please, Samantha! More please, journalists!

    • Paul Bongiorno has had some interesting things to say, re the truth of carbon pricing, on his social network account, Im starting to think the bosses at ch 10 – Gina, Murdoch – will intervene and tell he is no longer allowed to tweet. And Im not sure the adults in this country want to have a serious discussion about taxes, they have outsourced their thinking to the LNP spin doctors, 3word slogans have replaced debate and thinking.

      And yes, Samantha Maidan did a good job with the facts, the thinking it was funny part let her down
      redglitterx for TurnLeft

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