Their ABC redefines ‘fair’ and ‘balance’

Does anything the ABC get up to these surprise anyone?

text of tweet: @MattCowgill ABC 7.30 did a story about unions and the Fair Work Act and didn’t interview anyone from a union or the ACTU. How is that fair & balanced?
Matt Cowgill describes himself as Economics-talking guy at the ACTU.

Firstly, any sentence that starts with ‘ABC 7.30 did a story about…’ is not going to end well unless you work for the Noalitions public relations team or the IPA. If you care about getting balance with your news and current affairs, you would be better off with ‘A Current Affair’, Tracy Grimshaw can do hard-hitting, when she chooses to.

Secondly, at this point, Kerri-Ann Kennerley could host 7:30 report (as pictured below) and we could get more balance, political insight, logic and depth. And, if we were going to getting celebrities-for-rent and infomercials then we would know it, and give up the pretence it was anything approaching ‘news’.

Viewers used to be passionate about their 7:30 report, we wanted better. We didn’t want PR for the Coalition, we didn’t want IPA, especially when IPA and their sponsors weren’t made clear, we didn’t want The Opposition Says in response to every story, we don’t want Murdoch-lite.

However, at this point, I think most viewers have given up hoping for anything better, and now only seem to tune in just so they can be outraged at how Aunty has sold out.

Their ABC – Biased and Agenda-driven.

text by @redglitterx
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4 Comments to “Their ABC redefines ‘fair’ and ‘balance’”

  1. I had to smirk at your last sentence about tuning in solely to be outraged. I see myself in there, not just with the shell of 7.30 but the commercial junk too. I just watch it all now to see where the shots are coming from.
    Howard would indeed be gratified to see his eggs hatching.

    • Tuning in to be outraged, means we still care enough to want better. The day we give up hope for better is the day hoWARd wins. (and that last sentence could easily apply to more than just 7.30 report)
      Redglitterx for TurnLeft

  2. Get the feeling Howard would be gratified at the decline of the 7.30 NotReport. At this rate there will be no one watching within 12 months, except a few One Nation, far LNP types. Naturally discussion will turn to axing the show citing “lack of public interest”. Then Howard will pull out the pocket-knife and prepare to carve another notch in his gun.

    • and then the LNP would have to pay for PR like most other organisations. It does seem orchestrated, you can’t be in charge of the ABC, see what isn’t working and then do more of it. The day the ABC is privatised – because it is no different from the commercial networks – hoWARd’s dream will have come true
      redglitterx for TurnLeft

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