Western Australia to the LNP – It’s not us, it’s you, we’ll call, we promise

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Incompetence Shines Through

Posted on April 11, 2012 by archiearchive FCD

With all the polls indicating a crushingly anti-ALP mood within the Australian Electorate, fed by a conniving media, there are still some things which cannot be papered over.

Like the incompetence of the Barnett Government in Western Australia. Like the apparent fraud of the Rorts Royalties for Regions imposed upon the State by National’s leader, Brendon Grylls when he hijacked 25% of all oils and mineral royalties for his blatant pork-barrelling use. Like a perverted chair-sniffing adulterer in charge of the State Bank Account. It all adds up and electors DO have a memory longer than a goldfish!

The numbers are becoming disturbing and, to keep the current LNP Govt in the apparent lead, shenanigans have to be played with the numbers. The uncommitted are excluded and the 2PP number is based on preferences, not in this poll but on the last election, some four years ago! ALP + Greens = 46% yet only 11% of Other is allocated to the ALP to give an alleged 47% 2PP.

Think about it, then think about some of the other polling tripe we are being fed nationally!


2 Comments to “Western Australia to the LNP – It’s not us, it’s you, we’ll call, we promise”

  1. And the media is in full respectful mode- there is no critique or query of the Barnett goverment..
    When he canned the Ellenbrook rail line ( an election promise) it was reported as’ he broke a promise’. While at the same time ,the same media was baying that Julia Gillard ‘told a lie’ over carbon pricing -Apparently she should have known in advance she would be leading a minority goverment?
    Now we have the scare of the so called ‘carbon tax’ putting up electricity prices but WA’s have gone up 57% in three years without any protest- or much media attention.
    Double standards all the way.

    • But as long as they keep shouting “carbon tax” no one is going hear anything else – well it only 2 1/2 more months, they will have nothing to scream about after the introduction and pople realise it is not so bad. TY for your comment, good observation
      redglitterx for Turnleft

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