How Bob Brown’s Resignation Unfolded on Twitter

text of image: @SenatorBobBrown As I leave the leadership, but never the Greens, a big thankyou to you all

text of image: @abcnews ‘I will be a Green until the day I die’ – Bob Brown

Come on ABC, you’re missing the big picture, no one cares what the Government think about the leader of their Coalition partner resigning, who cares what members of Brown’s own party think… tell us, what does The Opposition Say, give us Tony’s reaction.

text of image: @senatormilne I’m honoured & excited to have been elected leader of the @GreensMPs to build on the great legacy of @SenatorBobBrown, who is retiring today

text of image: @PennyWrites
A huge thank you to Bob Brown from me. His dedication to our future wellbeing over so many years marked by courage and vision. #auspol

Senator Penny Wright: Australian Greens Senator for SA.

text of image: @greenat16 I am really sad now!

text of image: @PaulBongiorno
By any measure Bob Brown is a giant of Australian politics. His influence is international as the inspiration for Greens parties everywhere.

text of image: @latikambourke Bob Brown says ‘purchasing democracy’ (citing mining ads) is here in Australia ‘a la America’ and it’s growing.

text of image: @macleanbrendan “I must go. My planet needs me.” – Bob Brown.

compiled by @redglitterx
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