Joe Hockey, he feels your pain, it’s his ‘meagre’ income

text of image: @latikambourke Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey ‘I’m on a meagre income.’
Latika Bourke is the Political and Social Media Reporter at Parliament House Canberra.

The fact that any politician can describe their exceedingly generous pay, entitlements, allowances, and superannuation – all courtesy of the taxpayers – as being meagre shows just how disconnected from the rest of Austraian society the Liberal Nationals really are.

The faceless billionaire, Clive Palmer, paid no tax in the past three years, yet maintains the tax he does pay is too high.

Mining billionaire Clive Palmer, who has savaged the mining tax, did not have to pay tax in his main private company last year, Fairfax reports.
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Does anyone at all believe they are fit to govern? These people will be making decisions that affect everyday Australians and yet they have no idea how ordinary Australians are living.

LNP government of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%.

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2 Comments to “Joe Hockey, he feels your pain, it’s his ‘meagre’ income”

  1. This would be the same Hockey who, in defence of SerfChoices, said it is perfectly acceptable that people be paid in roast chooks.

    But then, this IS Kentucky Joe we’re talking about…

    Colonel Joe Hockey

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