Tony Abbott Has A New Strategy – One Word Slogans

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So, Abbott’s given up on three word slogans. Now he has ‘one word repeated three times’ slogans. #Fail. #AusPol

Perhaps there is a reason that Tony Abbott relies on 3-word slogans, if you have ever seen him interviewed or doorstopped, without a script in front of him, he can barely string a sentence together.

As this this report from Paul Bongiorno shows when Abbott was surprise-interviewed by a channel 7 reporter, Abbott could barely answer. Described as being lost for words and struggling to retain his cool, might be generous, it seems that Abbott is completely unable to form a coherent sentence.

Abbott is like an actor, without a script, there is very little – now that is the real Tony.

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2 Comments to “Tony Abbott Has A New Strategy – One Word Slogans”

  1. Perth, Friday 12 August 2011: Abbott has another excruciating, incoherent, silence-dotted head-nodding episode.

    Video at Their ABC:

    • Abbott just walked away from the journalists, deities help us all if he ever becomes PM, thanks for this…. (ever thought about a regular feature on TurnLeft? you have so many good finds, that get lost in the comments) thank you again
      redglitterx for TurnLeft

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