‘The Opposition Says’ disease has mutated, now it is ‘Tony Abbott Says’

It seems there is a strange disease infecting political journalists all across the country. From the ABC and Murdoch media (but, I repeat myself), to reporters and newsreaders and journalists everywhere.

It is spreading at an alarming rate, Latika Bourke says it with increasing frequently:

… and various mutations have been noticed.
There is the Misha Schubert variant: Tony Abbott told us

ABCs Chief Political Correspondent Sabra Lane, with her own The Opposition Says defends this practice, other wise the Opposition would have so much trouble getting their message out to the public.

I know Sabra, it must be so difficult being Opposition Leader in a country with almost the entire media hostile to the Opposition… oh wait… it is the actual Government the media are hostile towards. With one media division – Murdoch – actually on record of wanting to destroy the Greens, the governemnts partner.

Without your questions and parroting what the Opposition says, Sabra, without your diligence, Sabra, the Opposition would get, as Sabra Lane says no coverage.

How about examining why Tony Abbott says what he says? Maybe… and I am going out on a limb here, but why not get a contrasting opinion from the government – I know, controversial suggestion! talking to the Government. Instead we have political reporters across the country, who are just taking at face value, that what Tony Abbott says is, as Tony Abbott says gospel truth.

I think it’s well past time for the ABC news department to start buying Thesauruses.

And this is what Redglitterx, for TurnLeft, says.


2 Comments to “‘The Opposition Says’ disease has mutated, now it is ‘Tony Abbott Says’”

  1. It does not matter who it is at the ABC they are all guilty of it , this “the Opposition says” or the latest “Tony Abbott says” it is obvious the ABC has given the green light to all its reporters to boost the Noalition and rubbish the Labor Government no matter about worrying about the facts and the truth. Nearly all their leads are from The Australian or the Daily Toerag papers. How the hell can the Labor Government ever get their message and the truth out. A bloody disgrace on the ABC.

    • How the hell can Labor get their message out? Maybe they cant. Maybe it is up to the people, we can either hate the media and buy what theyre selling or Become The Media and do it better… and remind Labor that support goes both ways, they need to stand by their supporters too.
      thanks for your comments, Redglitterx for TurnLeft

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