What we missed when the Australian media was distracted by The Logies

A series of coordinated attacks were launched across Kabul, Afghanistan.
‘A Taliban spokesman said fighters were attacking embassies in the diplomatic enclave, Nato’s HQ and the parliament building in the west of the capital’ (BBC news Asia)

From the network that wants to be Number 1 in news is this gem:

text of image: @channel9: One Direction is in the house! #Logies

text of image: @boredjessica: So @theage has a live blog of the #Logies but nothing on their front page on what’s happening in Kabul. Great priorities guys.

text of image: @SummersAnne: So no #abcnews24 coverage of what’s happening in Kabul @abcmarkscott where do we go to find out abt carnage?

text of image: @hailants: If you don’t follow her, you hate freedom. RT @JLLLOW: Follow @Asher_Wolf for sterling coverage of current Taliban offensive in #Afghanistan

We don’t follow her on Twitter, but she doesn’t follow us. I guess she loves freedom more than we do. Oops.

Oh, and one more thing, someone in Melbourne Australia is not bring you coverage of Kabul, they are tweeting and retweeting.

Is it time to get the Australian troops and other personnel out of Afghanistan?
Can we hear what Tony Abbott says?


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