What do Cardinal Pell, John hoWARd, and Peter Costello have in Common?

As Norways mass-murderer Anders Behring Breivik begins his trial for the slaughter of 77 people by giving a German World War II salute to the court. The judge in the trial took over an hour to read the charges against him.

Breivik’s victims, many of them children, were attending a Labour Party youth event.

Before the mass-murders, Breivik posted a manifesto online, in which he praised former Prime Mini John hoWARd, former treasure Peter COSTello, Catholic Cardinal George Pell and neo-conservative historian Keith Windschuttle.

Yes, the xenophobic, Islamophobic ramblings our of former-elected officials and their advisers served as inspiration to the worse mass-murderer of all time.

For a more indepth look at what Breivik quoted, from this arch-conservatives: Norway killer praised Australian conservatives

Also, since this case is currently at trial, I must add allegedly for everything related to the case.

Information: Breivik pleads not guilty at Norway trial

added by redglitterx, no offence to the victims or their families is intended


2 Comments to “What do Cardinal Pell, John hoWARd, and Peter Costello have in Common?”

  1. http://tinyurl.com/3g2j75h

    Crikey, 26/07/2011

    …In the manifesto, Breivik cites “environmentalist organisations” as being “smoke screens” for “cultural Marxists”. He also includes in this bracket, groups that advocate for animal rights, human rights, feminism and anti-racism


    “The neo-communist agenda uses politicised science to propagate the global warming scam in order to implement their true agenda; global Marxism.

    “…their true agenda is to contribute to create a world government lead by the UN or in other ways increase the transfer of resources (redistribute resources) from the developed Western world to the third world.


    Recently retired Liberal senator Nick Minchin revealed that he too believes environmentalism is a cover-story for communism. In 2009, speaking about global warming he told the ABC’s 4Corners.

    “… For the extreme left it provides the opportunity to do what they’ve always wanted to do, to sort of de-industrialise the Western world. You know the collapse of communism was a disaster for the left, and the, and really they embraced environmentalism as their new religion.”

    • I guess for some people they are so wrapped up in their own greedy, self-centred, lack of compassion, hateful ways that anyone who cares about anything bigger than their own wants is all those communist-socialist-green things, they just dont understand anyone who doesnt think like them
      redglitterx for turnleft

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