Liberal Nationals: 50% more GSTax, poverty line of 44 cents a day and NO pensions – then what are our taxes funding?

Joe Hockey, has found a way to fill the black hole in the Liberal budget. Raising GST to 15% and slashing pensions. And this is the man Australian voters believe is a better economic manager than Wayne Swan, World’s Best Treasurer, presiding over the Best Performing Economy in the world.

Hockey thinks you don’t deserve an aged pension, or disability pension, if you’re unemployed, don’t expect the Australian taxpayers to stop you and your kids from living under a bridge and starving.

As Hockey said the age of unlimited and unfunded entitlement to government services and income support is over.

These are not unfunded – these have been funded by the taxes you and me, and every other wage earning Australian has been paying week in and week out, year in and year out, as part of our contract with the government. We pay taxes while we can, then when we no longer are able to earn enough to pay tax, we will get the benefits of services OUR taxes have already paid for.

Not funded by the Faceless Billionaires though, Twiggy Forrest, Australia’s richest man, he pays No personal tax.

Yet, at the same time Hockey wants to stop all government benefits, he thinks raising the GST by 50% is a good idea.

You will pay 50% more GSTax under a Liberal National government, to fund… what exactly, if Hockey plans on slashing government spending.

Where are our taxes going if not to those who need help the most?

Nannies for the CEOs, parliamentary trips overseas, Twiggy Forrest and the other mining magnates they pay no tax – or minimal, someone has to pay their share of taxes.

Your taxes will be lifestyle-support payments for the already wealthy, funded by slashing spending to the aged, disabled, war veterans and single parents.

I won’t hold my breath waiting for the Liberals to announce a policy of ending tax-payer subsidies to miners, or private religious schools, or government rebates on private health insurance, or Joe Hockeys very generous parliamentary pension, when the voters finally kick him out.

Hockey wants to emulate Hong Kong. A country which has one of the greatest disparities between rich and poor anywhere in the world. This man is an economic vandal, he will rob communities, the aged, and the working poor to fund the lifestyles of his mates.

There will be 90 year-old destitute women begging in the streets, children in the mines, work houses for the poor (otherwise known as slave labour). If you get sick, sell your house to pay the medical bills. University graduates will think living in a tent is luxury accommodation. If your children need you and you need to take time off work – don’t go back, you will not have a job waiting.

Bone-grinding poverty will be a feature in every suburb, except the gated communities where the politicians and their compadres live.

An Australia that can compete with our Asian neighbours – like Cambodia where people live in slums on garbage dumps. Yes, there are people in this world that make their homes on the garbage that the elites throw away.

Or we could compete with India, where the poverty line is 44 cents a day. Yes, cents, 44 cents a day. If you spend 45 you’re rich.

Is this what Joe Hockey has in mind when he says he wants us to be competitve in our region?

It will be survival of the fittest, where people will have to sacrifice compassion and justice, just to feed their families and keep a roof over their heads. Greed and selfishness will have to rule, otherwise you don’t survive. Your only value as a human being is how much cheap labour you can provide to the wealthy, and if you can’t keep up, you are expendable, you have no worth in a Hockey-Australia.

This is the Australia Joe Hockey and his Liberal mates want.

No matter how many lies you think PM Gillard told (which weren’t lies, a price on carbon was actually an election promise), no Labor Party or Labor Green coalition would ever subject the nation to those living standards.

For more on the kind of apocalypic vision of Australia Joe Hockey has in mind, here


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