QLD: being female is now considered a disability, and the war on women continues

The Right-wing war on woman has taken a strange new turn. Being female is now considered a disability… or perhaps walking baby factories.

Thank You Campy Newman, I never realised.

Campbell Newman, probably saving about $3 on his budget has abolished the Minister for Women
The Office of Women will now fall within the responsibilities for the Minister for Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services.

text of image: Hello Boss, sorry can’t come in to work today, still a woman

What this is saying, by conflating women’s issues with child safety, reduces woman in importance from being fully-functioning human beings, to important only because of their ability to produce children.

Either that or being a woman is a disability, which says that being a woman is less than, a disabled male, a deviation from normal (ie male), impaired, deprived. (euphemisms for disabled via wikipedia, and do not reflect Turn Left’s view, but how this move can be interpreted by the electorate).

And to all those women who voted for the Liberal Nationals – you reap what you sow.


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