Rupert Murdoch’s war on Democracy… it is ‘not sustainable’ and interferes with his ability to make money

Some countries go to great lengths, bloody military juntas, rebellions, wars, coups, all in the name of overthrowing the democratically elected government.

Here in Australia, we have a media mogul, who not only has his mind set on regime change and over throw the democratically elected Gillard government (in cooperation with the democratically elected Independents and Greens), we have a media mogul who wants to dismantle democracy all together.

Less expensive, less casualties, but the result is exactly the same.

An article in Rupert Murdoch’s The Australian (April 20) says

As Winston Churchill said, democracy may be the best form of government among known alternatives, but it is probably not sustainable.

This is the same media organisation that calls the Westminster system of choosing Prime Ministers bloodless coups and assassinations. They want to destroy entire political parties, governments, and systems of governing. Makes choosing a Prime Minister by ballot seem rather noble.

Democracies subsidise bad decisions. Voters, especially ones who pay no tax, care little for the preferences of future generations.

Remind me again, how much personal tax did Twiggy Forrester, Australia’s richest man pay in personal tax…. ZERO, you mean, someone who pays no tax. Yet dictates Australia’s taxation, workplace and environmental policy, that kind of subsidising, yep, that’s a big mistake on the part of democracy.

Alex de Tocqueville said democracy would “degrade men without tormenting them”, enmeshing them with stifling if well-meaning regulation.

Big deal, the writer of this Murdoch piece has bought a quote-of-the-day app for his mobile device.

Mussolini said Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power See I can quote dead people too, doesn’t mean we should destroy our system of government because of it.

And if by regulation, that means, paying people a fair wage, not damaging the community with toxic waste dumps or chopping down all the trees and poisoning the water or arresting rogue journalists for hacking peoples phones and paying off police, or children in the mines… yes, I can see how that would interfere with the economy.

Full article: Joe Hockey on the right track, if slightly idealistic


4 Comments to “Rupert Murdoch’s war on Democracy… it is ‘not sustainable’ and interferes with his ability to make money”

  1. Yes I know, Murdoch lies but they’re easy to spot and as print media shrinks you can probably expect the lies to become bigger and more outrageous in order to drum up sales.
    Duzzenmadder! Rupe’s a dangerous dinosaur but he’s on the way to extinction and I sincerely hope that they bury the bastard face down when he dies.
    That said, don’t fall for the bullshit that the cuts are a result of Swan’s spending, they’re not – it’s simply part of the big lie to convince the public that it’s in their interest to continue to funnel wealth from those who need it most to those who need it least.
    Australia holds sovereignty over its own currency which means that they can simply create more. In the past this was done by funding government projects and creating public service jobs, then recouping the money through taxes. This had the effect of stimulating the economy and raising the GDP.
    Come the 1980s and the rise of Thatcherism and Reganomics government services were deliberately dismantled and handed over to corporations for them to make a profit.
    From the early 20th century to the 1980s, America ran a budget surplus, after Reagan, they spiraled into a deficit which today is in the trillions. A similar situation also applies to Britain under Thatcher.
    The above is a brief and oversimplification of what Modern Monetary Theory is all about and I urge you to investigate it further even if like me, economics bores you to death.
    The time spent will not be wasted and you will have another platform from which to refute the arguments of the ‘economic rationalists-free marketeers’.
    Finally, as the early 20th century labour organizer Joe Hill said; ‘Don’t mourn, organize!’
    Keep blogging, keep punching – we will prevail.

    • The lies may be easier to spot for people who are exposed to information from more than one source, but with media concentration, people are getting less and less exposure to an alternative viewpoint. As well, it is getting less easy to find an alternative. TV, radio, big online new sites, phones, all offer the same variety of opinions from the same handful of billionaires, and now Rupert is expanding into education apps for the kiddies. How long, until we have a situation, that from birth to death, every opinion that someone is exposed to comes to us via Murdoch.
      Thanks for the economics overview. Too many people don’t understand economics, because it’s an option at school, and so never even know where to begin questioning the lies and 3-word slogans from the Liberals. (hence, the Right wing demonisation of educated people as ‘elites’)
      Penny Carter (@redglitterx) for Turn Left

  2. What Churchill really said was “Democracy is the worst form of government except for all the others that have been tried from time to time.” Whoever wrote the article obviously didn’t do their research. This should come as no surprise as Murdoch only hires hacks who are willing to write whatever their editor tells them to write. However, you can think for yourself and so can many others, and there are many others out here who can think for themselves particularly where Murdoch is concerned.
    Don’t despair! The winds of change are blowing. Modern Monetary Theory is gathering strength both here and the United States. People are not fools, and they’re finally waking up to the fact that pushing money toward the 1% of the wealthy at the expense of the 99% of the rest doesn’t create jobs or opportunities for small businesses to flourish but simply makes the wealthy richer.
    The winds of change are blowing, and change is coming. Unfortunately, in Australia we may have to endure three years of Abbott-ism before the message hits home to the general public – but that’s democracy.
    Keep punching, keep blogging, our numbers are growing daily.

    • Really? The Murdoch press editing famous quotations to oh-so-slightly change their context in order to back up their own democracy-is-bad-for-Murdoch’s-business agenda? Who would have thought that!

      And if you can think for yourself, and you can’t be controlled via editors, the LNP will accuse you of bias and take action against you. The Leigh Sales interview, not the recent one, the previous one where she asked about BHP, faced accusations of being biased, apparently that now means you ask questions which Tony Abbott embarrasses himself giving dodgy answers.

      The winds of change may be blowing, and maybe we won’t end up like Greece, Spain or North Korea, but there is a good chance we could end up like the UK: Atos an IT company deeming dying people fit to work and cut off their disabilities payments, bedroom taxes to subsidise mansions, free public libraries gone, austerity cuts deeps, and an Abbott government will tell us those cuts were needed to save us from Wayne Swans budget spending.

      Penny Carter (@redglitterx) for Turn Left

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