Tony Abbott charged with Indecent Assault – He Must Step Down

With the Liberal Party, and their puppet masters at News Limited baying for the blood of Peter Slipper, it is time to take a second look at the past of the man calling for Slipper to step down – Tony Abbott and his not so innocent past.

The allegations against Slipper – and that is all they are at this stage, allegations – are 9 years old. This is not on the head of PM Gillard. If there was a crime, it happened while Peter Slipper was a member of the Liberal Party, and while he continued to get endorsement election after election.

If News Limited can bring up allegations that are 9 years old, in an attempt to bring down the government, let us look at an incident that is more recent than that.

This story from Michelle Grattan in the Sun-Herald in 2004 Abbott: I was charged with indecent assault, shows that these allegations against Slipper are not about Justice, it is a political witch hunt, by the Murdoch media in a last ditch attempt to force an election before the carbon pricing comes in, in July.

Does anyone think that these allegations would have seen the light of day if Slipper was still a voting member of the Liberal Party?

In his past, Tony Abbott was charged with indecent assault after groping a female activist on the upper part of her leg, and between her legs, while she was on stage in front of an audience of over 200 people debating student unions.

Was this an attempt to humiliate a woman who dared to stand up for something she believed in?

In 2004 Abbott dismissed this as a long time ago… It’s part of the Abbott story – it is not part of the Abbott present – well so what? Allegations against Slipper are also a long time ago, and were covered up by the Liberal party – which surely equals accessory after the fact (or whatever the crime is, I am not a lawyer).

What reason did Abbott give for this shockingly indecent assault on a woman in public? She spoke of him, as Tony Abbott says in a highly critical way, calling me… right wing. So someone speaks badly of Tony Abbott and he thinks a justified response is public indecent assault?

Yes, this may be an old incident, but so are the allegations against Slipper, something the Liberal Party may have suspected, and did nothing for 9 years, so clearly they never thought that they were serious enough. After all, they are simply rumours at this stage.

Abbott here is Not denying the incident took place, he is just saying that it took place in his past. So why does he not apply the same criteria to the allegations against Peter Slipper?

Why is the Liberal Party cover up of any allegations against Slipper while he was a member of the Liberal Party, under both John hoWARd and now Tony Abbott, glossed over by the media?

At what point do we abandoned the premise of presumption of innocence and replace it with Trial By Murdoch Media?

This was not the only criminal incident that has blighted Tony Abbott’s ability to cast stones. He also destroyed public property by damaging a street sign, but fortunately for him, not the street sign, no conviction recorded.

(If you think, so what? this is old, my response is twofold – one, it gives an indication of how Tony Abbott treats people who challenge him; and two, if Slipper is going to be targeted by News Limited, and Abbott for allegations that are almost a decade old, why stop there, why not go a little further and drag up every incident of someone’s past.)

This man is a menace to women, public property, decency. He must stand down.

It is time someone else in the Liberal Party step up.

image from The Age

direct quotes: Abbott: I was charged with indecent assault, Michelle Grattan, 2004, Sun Herald
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23 Responses to “Tony Abbott charged with Indecent Assault – He Must Step Down”

  1. If Abbot was to ‘quit or get dumped we will have much more to worry about if they replace him with Turnbull who is much more widely accepted by the general public. The only people who don’t want Turnbull as the Lib leader is the Liberal party!

  2. And don’t forget about Abbott’s affair with the Biship

  3. This allegation of “indecent assault” is a distraction in that there have been much more serious allegations of violence against Abbot. We know for certain: a) Several attempts have been made to have Abbot charged for violent crimes but Abbot used expensive lawyers and other forms of intimidation to neutralise. There were occasions when there was “insufficient evidence” b) Abbot run to the Priesthood was to attempt to place a fullstop on his “brown shirt” image that he had been cultivating, so that he could start afresh as a non-fascist conservative. Suddenly it dawned on him: Im not going to convince people that Fascism is a good thing. c) Michelle Grattan knows about all the serious allegations but suppress them.

  4. so let me just get this right…It’s ok to make ridiculous, unfounded claims, assertions, allegations against our female Prime Minister and anyone else in the labour movement, but we cannot do the same about the conservative politicians….why not? If ANY of this stuff is out there, then the behaviour of Abbott and the dirt brigade have made it fair game…

  5. So Abbott wants to rake up the past OK… Jackson, HSU, Ashby, pissing on fellow students feet outside Fisher Library , booted out of the seminary, the info on Tony Windsors blackberry, damage to public property found guilty without conviction!! …the cupboard contains many skeletons. He should be very careful about demanding anything!!!
    By the way to those climbing on Pickerings unfounded crap Slater & Gordon deny Styant-Browne’s claim about the manner of the PMs departure from the law shop

    • 17 years, is a long time… if JG denies it, the media will say she is covering up, if she doesn’t deny but refuse to acknowledge, the media will say she is covering… but Tony and the Drama Queens tried to pry out Thomson, he didn’t go, then Slipper, he is still there, the media has tried a Ruddstoration, hasn’t worked yet, it is looking like they have played all their hands

      • I just hope the Govt are staying their hand and will produce plenty to put this henious psycho down for good

      • Abbott is dragging Australia down – not just the gutter but into the sewer – turning us brutal, xenophobic, misogynistic, homophobic, bullying, violent, nasty, petty, spiteful, hatefilled – anyone would be better, maybe not for me, or the future, but as a start.

  6. no but the allegations were dismissed in court – you forgot to mention this – conveniently for your lefty audience. and he had 7 thats 7 witnesses to back him up.

  7. the facts of your story are incorrect. Libs were trying to push slipper out… hence the decision to jump at the job opportunity juLIAR presented to him. Also the sexual Harrassment allegations are from a Male staffer who was appointed when Slipper took up Speaker role….. this story is full of half truths and a lot of fiction…. obviously written by someone with self centred interests in the very little which the Labor Party has to offer.

    • YAWN, are you the same “aussie bloke” who trolled our twitter account, calling it amateur, well yes, we aren’t paid as well as Murdoch hacks, thank you for noticing… now, so you know, as soon as I see the word “JULIAR” in your comment, I don’t even read the rest, so thanks for visiting

  8. False allegations don’t mean anyone is guilty

    • Abbott admitted it, it’s not false. But thanks for your comment.

      • Abbott admitted to touching her on the back, nothing inappropriate. SEVEN witnesses confirmed this, and he was acquitted. This fact is rather conveniently left out by the author of this pandering article.

        The accuser claimed Abbott groped her buttock and ran his hand between her legs. She lied, just as this article is lying to its readers, just as you are now lying.

        This article is disgraceful.

      • By author, do you Michelle Grattan, which is where most of the information came from – oh but Grattan is the right wing darling, don’t be so horrible to your Queen of Propaganda

      • By ‘the authour’ I mean you, turnleft2013. Grattan at least acknowledged that Abbott was acquitted and that he was vindicated by multiple witnesses. More than could be said of you.

        You have some nerve talking to me about ‘propaganda’, after penning such a blatantly slanted and deliberately miselading article. The hypocrisy present here is hardly surprising.

        Not liking Abbott is fine, but pandering to an audience in such a shameless manner is degrading both to yourself and your readers.

      • is there something in the name of the blog that confuses you – Left, it is in the title. we have no obligations to be objective – much like the MSM in that respect – and thanks to your abuse, you will now be spam, but thanks for playing. It is always fun when Righties try to use big words.


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