The Attack On Slipper is Not About Justice, It is An Attempt at Regime Change

For Tony Abbott the next 10 weeks are the most important 10 weeks of his career.

It will be all our war on our nation, via a compliant media, on anyone who stands between him and an early election.

All one has to do is see how many times Abbott bleats bring on the election to see what he is trying to do. After July, when the carbon pricing kicks in, and the average voter realises that it is not the scary monster that Abbott has made it out to be, there goes his ammunition against a competition, achieving, nation-building government.

Abbott’s party lost to a Rudd-led Labor party in 2007, his party lost in 2010, when Labor with Greens and Independent-support formed government, which Abbott claims makes it illegitimate.

Sure, let’s agree any party that can’t govern in its own right is illegitimate, go for it Liberals, no, you can have National support. Oh, that’s okay is it? Then let’s end with the illegitimate talk, because this is how the Westminster system works, and if you get to your age Tony and not understand that, you’re either a liar or an idiot.

Getting back to the attack on Slipper, was this a set-up? Consider the age of the alleged incident, this would suggest that Tony had this tucked away in his dirt file waiting for the right moment.

Dirt files are standard operating procedure for the Liberal Party – Pauline Hanson knows what it is like to be on the wrong end of an Abbott vendetta. Hanson went to prison on charges that were later quashed.

media criticism was directed at political interference by leading federal Liberal politician Tony Abbott, who had arranged for the lawyers who instituted the earlier, Sharples action to act on a largely pro bono basis. Investigations by the ABC’s Four Corners programme showed that Abbott had financed this action in an effort to derail the One Nation party.
source: Fraud conviction and acquittal

So, when the media start parroting Tony Abbott that this move against Slipper is about getting justice, people in the media should ask: why the Liberal Party waited nearly a decade before doing anything?

After 20 years and 7 LNP preselections why is Slipper’s character an issue only when he is no longer a member of the LNP?

Tony Abbott is demanding the Labor party act on rumours, yet, says that the Liberal party kept endorsing Slipper as a Liberal candidate because they were only rumours.

If you think this is about justice, think again, this is one more attempt by Tony Abbott to subvert democracy by forcing an election.

Slipper himself knew something was coming, and said so on 20 March: Sources say Steve Lewis/News Ltd plan 2 run story based on untruths from certain LNP members&volunteers who worked on my last LNP campaign Source: @PeterSlipperMP

Steve Lewis, who was behind the Slipper story, says the claims are untested, clearly News Limited gave up on the check with two sources thing a long time ago.

Do we know what really happened? Do we need to know? Isn’t this why we have courts in this country, they haven’t yet been replaced by Murdoch media, so let’s use them while we still have them.

In the meantime, accusations, homophobia, innuendo, leaks, suspicion, rumours, senior sources… sound familiar? Yes, because this is how the Rudd versus Gillard non-event evolved. So many unnamed anonymous sources it is almost like they are being mass produced in a factory some place.

Did anyone really think the political reporters in this country would be bored when the Labor leadership manufactured-crisis ended? They simply changed targets.

Yet, the spin-cycle continues: Allegations in Murdoch media; government forced to defend itself; Abbott, with increasing shrillness each time, says Labor in crisis, bring on the election. It is becoming so predictable, it is boring.

If, and when, these allegations turn out to be false, whether against Slipper, or whoever the Liberals next have in their sights, who will remember the findings of innocence. Throw enough mud and some of it sticks, and the impressions created in the media will last long after the original stories fade.

Until July rolls around, we can expect more of the same in a relentless barrage to force an election. If that happens, we can all mourn democracy, because a foreign billionaire would have bought it and killed it.

We voted, Tony, you lost, get over it.

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