Political Debate in Australia: Advocating More Breivik and Less Unions

Last nights 4corners, on the ABC was an emotional story about the families destroyed by Anders Behring Breivik, a rich, white, right-wing, christian, John Howard quoting mass-murdering terrorist. A man who killed 77 people, most of the children, many of them of the left.

What is the right-wing response to something like that: Great Shame it didn’t happen here.

No matter what you think of the Left, or unions, or children, or Labor voters – expressing regret that 69 children weren’t slaughtered by a John Howard, Cardinal Pell quoting terrorist, shows that this country has a long way to go before we can say we have grown up.

Paul Howes, National Secretary of the A.W.Union tweeted:
Thinking back to Young Labor camps my wife, friends & I used to go to and how easily something like this could happen here #4corners

Ross, husband and father responded:
@howespaul Great shame that it didn’t.

The classy response from Paul Howes, was not anger or insults:
This is the most offensive tweet I’ve ever had. Thanks @ross_at_home for reminding us of the evil that lurks here too.

Also, with an Opposition Leader in this country that talks about targets on the forehead of the Prime Minister (The voters of Queensland, they won’t miss… this Prime Minister [Gillard] and this Leader of the House [Albanese] have got targets on their foreheads., there is a great possibility that one day, something like this could happen here.

If you don’t like the election result, you wait and let the voters decide, you do not advocate or condone mass murder, like Tony Abbott and Ross seem to be doing.


5 Comments to “Political Debate in Australia: Advocating More Breivik and Less Unions”

  1. [comment removed, because we are under no obligation to publish offensive, racist, sexist, hateful, or libellous comments]

  2. Surely charges of incitement to violence could be brought? The more we let these things slide the more they seem ‘normal’

    • They “joke”, they “joke”, they “joke” and apologise – and the next thing we know there will be headlines, reminiscent of John Kennedy, Gabrielle Giffords or Breivik, and the Right will say – that is justice.

      Agree, this sort of violent language is becoming normalised, but Howes called it out with class

  3. I am flabbergasted that people of the Right can refer to mass murder to resolve political disputes so easily and without embarrassment!

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