“Celebrating” a “Happy ANZAC Day” around the country and the world

no disrespect meant for anyone included here, just next year, perhaps choose different words

et tu Women’s Weekly? Who does your tweets, the 15year old work experience kid?

Cookies? Seriously – cookies?

This gem is from an Australian model in LA… maybe you should stay there, and when September 11 rolls around, wish US Americans a Happy 9/11

I think that kiss on the end of the tweet, just makes it extra special… or maybe it is just the tweeter who is special

Yup, clearly history is not their strong point

In New Zealand, they celebrate AnzAC day by chilling with some buffalo wings and watching USAmerican ice hockey – all those dead diggers would be so proud they sacrificed their lives for that

What is next? NZ pork producers celebrating Happy Holocaust Day?

No sweetie, USAmerica does not celebrate Anzac Day, neither do Australians or New Zealanders

That little heart, the diggers appreciate the effort

Well-wishes from this Canadian bobsledder

You Suck, Wharf Hotel, Melbourne, and you score bonus points for gratuitous use of the Australian flag


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