5 Must-read articles that help explain Murdoch and News International

Tom Watson: News Corp operated like ‘shadow state’
Labour MP who led campaign against phone hacking also says News of the World aimed to investigate MPs’ private lives
Dan Sabbagh and Lisa O’Carroll of The Guardian

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation is a “toxic institution” that operated like a “shadow state” in British society, according to a Labour MP who on Thursday published a book about the phone-hacking scandal.

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MPs pressured to hold back on hacking investigation, book claims
New book claims News of the World ‘raked over’ MPs private lives and put Tom Watson under surveillance
by Paul McNally of http://www.journalism.co.uk

former News of the World chief reporter Neville Thurlbeck tells the authors: “All I know is that, when the DCMS [Department of Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee] was formed or rather when it got onto all the hacking stuff, there was an edict came down from the editor and it was find out every single thing you can about every single member: who was gay, who had affairs, anything we can use.

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Media’s old master playing politics in Australia?
By ABC’s Jonathan Holmes

When the phone-hacking scandal finally made it big in the UK, with The Guardian’s discovery that Milly Dowler’s phone had been hacked, Julia Gillard famously (or notoriously) opined that News Ltd in Australia had “some questions to answer”.

The remark was greeted with outrage by John Hartigan, then News Ltd’s Chairman and CEO, and his editors. There was no proof, no suggestion, that such methods had been used by any News Ltd newspaper in Australia, they thundered. It was a slur on the professional reputation of every one of the thousands of upstanding journalists who worked for News Ltd. And so on.

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The day James and Rebekah revealed the arrogant Murdoch way of business
There was a telling lack of judgment on display when James Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks burst into the Independent to berate me
by Simon Kelner of The Gardian

As far as I recall – yes, I think that’s the phrase – it was late afternoon and I was sitting with the Independent’s art director working on that night’s front page. I looked up to see first Rebekah Brooks and then James Murdoch in the middle of the paper’s newsroom, and heading my way.

Murdoch was holding a copy of the Independent. It was a week or so prior to the general election of 2010, and we were running a promotion that asserted the (non-controversial) fact that the British electorate were capable of making their own minds up and would not be manipulated by vested interests.

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Rupert Murdoch: myth, memory and imagination
The version of history told by Rupert Murdoch at the Leveson inquiry bears no relation to what actually happened
by Harold Evans of the Guardian

Rupert Murdoch has apparently lost a great deal of his power of memory, but nature has compensated by endowing him with a vivid imagination. He can surely deploy his new gift in the service of Fox movies. There is the great scene he pitched to Lord Justice Leveson on Wednesday morning where the editor of the Times enters left, closes the door behind him and begs: “Look, tell me what you want to say, what do you want me to say, and it need not leave this room and I’ll say it.” And our hero proprietor, so famously fastidious about such matters, has to tell Uriah Heep: “That is not my job.”

Read the full article: here


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