Has the death knell just sounded for Federal Labor?

Or, is that just the business as usual, one opinion of one reporter for #TheirABC?

With the Levenson inquiry into Rupert Murdoch and his toxic culture of media ownership, there has been a frenzy of investigation about whether the same shadow-state, toxic media culture exists here – oh wait, there hasn’t.

Murdoch’s influence over the vast majority of media in this country has, strangely enough, been ingored by the media.

Australian political reporters have more important things to worry about. Yes, another Media-LNP manufactured scandal. In a series of tweets, discussing Bill Shorten, the Prime Minister, Peter Slipper, and the Health Services Union, Latika Bourke has said:

This all feels like the same feeling of watching the final years of the NSW Labor Govt…

Without knowing what in particular, Ms Bourke is referring to, as this tweet is vague, perhaps Shorten, Thomson, Slipper (who apparently joined the Labor party without anyone knowing) – other than the current Government of the Day, which is Labor.

It may feel that way to the media, but amongst those of us on the Left, it feels like a Government under constant attack by journalists, especially from the Murdoch stable, who confuse rumour and innuendo with research. In an ongoing attempt to achieve regime change – if the Liberal Nationals can’t win government at the ballot, then, they will do it by hook or by crook.

If it is anything like NSW State Labor then it is more about the media obsession, like sharks who can smell blood in the water, and less to do with reality. If this is the Last Days, then it is because the current mob of political journalists keep saying so – creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. From the Murdoch media at near saturation levels of media ownership in this country to #TheirABC which takes its lead from the Murdoch media headlines.

We deserve better in this country than a media which creates a frenzy of attack against a performing, reforming government that is delivering real change, to the betterment of all Australians, not just the faceless billionaires and mining magnates.

If the government does not fulfil its full term – the media in this country will be responsible for not only subverting democracy, but shoving a dagger in democracy’s heart and twisting the knife, just to make sure it stays dead.

By Hook or By Crook – is an old English phrase that means by any means necessary as in not meant to imply that Murdoch media, aided and abetted by #theirABC are doing anything illegal, or crooked, but if the reader wishes to infer that, it cannot be helped.


3 Responses to “Has the death knell just sounded for Federal Labor?”

  1. Re. your ‘hook or by crook’ note. Murdoch media may not be doing anything ‘illegal’ but they are certainly ‘crooked.’

    Good post.


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