Tony Abbott Must Go – and here is why

Edited to add: 2 May 2012, clearly those people making death threats against the author of this post and owners of this blog are following a link. And not reading any other post. If you did, you would see that all the claims made in this post are backed up with links in other post, so before you start threatening people, I would suggest you click on a few other posts or search for “Abbott” and there you would will see more than enough references for all claims.
And for the genius who said Speedos are a good Aussie company, I don’t believe Speedos are mentioned in this post, and anyway, they are owned by UK’s Pentland Group plc.

There is one theory that Tony Abbott is so unlikeable, even among Right-wing voters, that the longer he stays around the more damage he does to the Liberal-National brand.

There is another theory that Tony Abbott is being used as an attack dog, he might not end up Prime Minister, but he is doing enough damage that with his every attack (with a lot of help from the Murdoch media and #TheirABC), that one day he will achieve his wish of another election.

However, it is now becoming clear that Tony Abbott and his doom-and-gloom, scare mongering is damaging not just the Labor party, but the Australian economy and Australian society.

Abbott is a bully, a misogynist who demeans women at every opportunity and has done so since he was a child, he is xenophobic and prays on peoples fears to incite even more xenophobia and racism in the community.

Abbott uses violent language and vaguely implied threats of violence then says he was only joking or apologises if the media reacts, he is economically incompetent, ethically and morally bankrupt, shows little or no empathy towards anyone, acts like every Australian voter was put on this earth to support him, his lifestyle and career desires.

He has no understanding about the lives of ordinary Australians and anyone who isn’t a white, christian, North Shore Liberal is beneath his contempt. He has a callous disregard for the lives and deaths of the people who sacrifice everything, the death of a soldier in Afghanistan, and according to Tony, well shit happens.

Abbott treats democracy like it is a joke, has little understanding of the Westminster system, cannot balance a budget, does not care about the law, especially when it comes to presumption of innocence, is a Murdoch lackey who will not govern in the best interest of all-Australians, but instead will govern in the best interests of Mining Magnates, faceless billionaires, his mates, the IPA, and Rupert Murdoch, in other words he (appears to act like he) is a puppet, and does not care whose life he ruins as long as the person pulling the strings makes more money, by sucking dry ordinary, hard-working, taxpayers.

This man is dangerous. This man must never be allowed near the Lodge. This man must never be given the chance to be Prime Minister.

responsibility for this post is @redglitterx
and allegedly, if it is in any way libellous, well, I was only joking, it was a turn of phrase, taken out of context


17 Comments to “Tony Abbott Must Go – and here is why”

  1. Gee, how right was this post!!? Look at the crap that’s going on in both state and federal level!
    yes phoney Tony’s government is unravelling rapidly! If it isn’t obvious to anyone reading this now you are simply too stupid to see what is obvious. Murdoch won the lib/nat’s the last election..that and the racist ‘turn back the boats’ policy that seemed to be so popular with mainstream Australians – Australians who have been duped and infected with ‘Islamophobia’
    …and it hasn’t escaped our notice that the media is being dumbed down from up above. Pru Goward is not the minister for community services and housing anymore – surprise! Perhaps ICAC can take a little look at her connection to James Packer and his vile Casino – (daughter Kate was engaged to him) Millers point belongs to the rich and boring don’t ya know!
    And the only venues that are exempt from the CBD lock-out laws? RSL clubs and Casinos. Yeah, good idea! (not)

  2. You would not have clue who the real Tony Abbott is. Your loss. Such one sided vilification. Unfortunately when you paint people as completely vile and evil with a complete lack of perspective and balance you really sound unhinged. You might have some good points on your website but I shall not be back there are enough unhinged people about..

    • Considering this piece is about six months old and youve just discovered it, your “threat” to not be back is a huge joke, you clearly havent spend much time here before, so your 6 monthly click wont be missed, youre a troll, plan and simmple, and now I have your IP Address – LOSER and now you are a registered SPAM loser

  3. I trust you have just been away from your computer and not simply too fearful to post opinions contrary to your own. I just noticed you had not posted my reply from two days ago.

    I’ll further the advice i gave my friend on starting his political blog from a conservative position. Always post opinions that may disagree with your own (language and vulgarity excepted of course) because it will either give you further cause to prove your point or will force you to consider something you had not for which you may need to change your mind. The latter being something non of us should be afraid of in light of the best information.

    • Have not been away, however there has been so much personal abuse associated with that piece, including promises to hunt people down and shoot them, that most comments are not being read. Long, long, long, rambling comments that talk about things not even related to the post, that talk about wanting people to die. Not fearful, we have no obligation to read or publish anything that incites people to violence, so unfortunately most comments that even look hateful are not being published.

      And if you were the commenter who said, I disagree with you, I hate you, I want you to die, but listen to my advice… we stop stop reading at “die”.

  4. Can I be sued if I say that I agree with every word you have posted here? Because I do. Each paragraph had me nodding in agreement.

    Only one quibble. All that rage and not a single death threat. Are you some kind of lefty?


  5. You should be sued for this article. I think it would be in your best interests to remove it.

    • Really? Sued? No, you can’t get sued if something is true, you silly little thing.

      • True? Where is your evidence for your claims? That is all that they are, hollow claims.

      • You really are rather simple arent you. Clearly the words at the top of the page where it says links for all the claims are referenced in other posts, if you want to get really self righteous and indignant, perhaps look at some of the other posts on this blog. You would really hate it. We are not a fan of racist, anti-science, zealot Abbott AT ALL.

  6. What is more dangerous than Phoney Abbott is the MSM in this country because they are aiding and abetting this misfit and his band of misfits. The MSM has given the green light to the Noalition to do and say anything, even the most outrageous lies and distortions , and they just let it go through to the keeper without any questions asked. The only exceptions are the likes of Peter Fitzsimons,Mike Carlton, Richard Ackland but after these three it is hard to come up with any that are remotely critical of Abbott’s misfits.The MSM are screwing a legitimate and reforming government that is doing its best for this country and not for the billionaires, mining companies and the IPA and other neo con think tanks that would screw ordinary hardworking Australians. Let us hope that any media reforms have teeth that can oblige the MSM to report the facts and the truth and to be fair dinkum fair and balanced and not the Fox News version of fair and balanced.

    • Yes, totally agree, although I would add David Marr to that list.
      And Paul Bongiorno, if you follow him on twitter, sometimes you can’t tell what side he is on, he seems balanced, I wouldnt necessarily agree with everything he writes, but a lot of the time he seems fair.

      When you can list the progressive media in this country on one hand, throw in a handful of bloggers, it does not look like a rosy future.

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